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US News: cigarette densich: Smokers can save smokers

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 looting and murderer violence in South Africa: At least 72 deaths since Friday The incarceration of the former President Jacob Zuma has been the trigger in a context of general ras-bol, economic and health crisis. © Themba Hadebe / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Deadly violence in South Africa, the incarceration of the former president Zuma has been the trigger in a context of general ras-bowl, economic and sanitary crisis.

smoking does not just harm health, but also burdenes the purse greatly. But most smokers should not be aware of how much money they could actually save if they would give up their vice.

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On the occasion of the World Non-smoking Day On May 31, Verivox tariff experts have calculated how much money could save smokers if they give up the cigarette consumption and the money instead wise would create.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of smokers has fallen sharply in recent years. This is how current every fifth of the age of 15 regularly attacks the cigarette. In addition, countless people who occasionally have the need to smoke. Especially in recent years smoking became an increasingly expensive vice, because while 30 years ago, five German marks have been paid, ie around 2.50 euros, is the price today with average seven euros for a package with 20 Cigarettes. If you look at the price development of recent years, it becomes clear that even in the future no lowering of cigarette prices is likely. With this assumption, the experts from Verivox have also calculated and determined for their calculation that cigarettes become 3.1 percent more expensive each year.

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 Merkel says people in flood areas Help to Washington. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has promised man in the flood areas in the West Germany's support of the state. She spoke of a "tragedy". © Andrew Harnik Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the US Vice-President Kamala Harris. Where to help, you will do that, she said on Thursday on the edge of her visit to Washington. "These are terrible days for people in the flooding areas. My thoughts are with you.

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Possible savings

smokers who smoke a box within a week can save about 28 euros per month by the tobacco. Smoker with a consumption of a box of cigarettes per day, on the other hand, save about 213 euros a month when you do without your truck. Every year, second-mentioned would save about 2,556 euros and even ten years even proud 25,560 euros.

Additional income by smoke freedom

But not enough, because VeriVox has additionally indicated that not only money can be saved, but it can also earn a fortune. This is possible by the fact that the saved money is not simply spent for something else but this is richly created. The VERIVOX experts have created a model calculation for investing in a fund savings plan with the assumption that the monthly savings will increase by 3.1 percent annually. This increase is based on the average price increase for cigarettes. It was calculated with an return of seven percent annually, which leads to a significant result, because according to the calculations, it is possible with the help of a wise investment strategy to multiply the money-saved money in 30 years to a fortune of around 330,000.

Who invests in an savings plan instead of cigarettes, can build a true fortune with a little patience and the right approach. Editorial

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