US News: Climbing Olympic Jan Hojer between "Coronation of the Career" and "Wrong Stage"

«Zack Bumm»: Max Hennung Double careering

 «Zack Bumm»: Max Hennung Double careering Max Hartung can masterously fenced like no other athlete in the world with the saber, but at the same time dominates the art of rattling vigorously as sport politicians. © Guido Kirchner / DPA Fechter Max Hartung will finish his career after Olympia. In the Olympic Games in Tokyo, he will give the farewell performance as a fencer and then end his commitment as President of the Association Athletes Germany. "That will be a crucial change in my life.

DAV-Climber expects medal elevations from

Jan Hojer beim Boulder-Weltcup 2021 in Innsbruck. © Getty Images Jan Hojer at the Boulder World Cup 2021 in Innsbruck.

On Monday of this week, the wait and eternal exercise an end - in the evening the five-member climbing team of the DAV enlisted the plane of Frankfurt to Tokyo to acclimatize two weeks well. Finally, it's about nothing but the Olympic premiere for the sports climbers - and in the mode "Olympic Combined".

for the native Cologne, who is reported for the Dav-Section Frankfurt, the games of Tokyo are a real highlight despite his longtime competition experience. "It's the biggest climbing competition I've ever participated in my career," says Hojer on the Instagram platform of the DAV, "It is the crowning of the last twelve, 13 years I dedicated to this competitive sport".

"Case Lorenz" for athletes Germany "A signal of hope"

 The active representation Athletes Germany sees in the exit of the "Case Nike Lorenz" shortly before the beginning of the Olympic Games in Tokyo a milestone in the international debate on spaces for athletes to the utterance of Opinions and presentation of symbols.

"It is the crowning of the last twelve, 13 years, which I dedicated to this competition sport." (Dav-climber Jan Hojer)

unlike his teammate in Tokyo, the rock climbing specialist Alex Megos, Hojer has always been his main focus on the Laid competitions in bouldering and lead climbing - since recording sport climbing to the Olympic Program (2016), he must also be reinforced with the speed discipline not yet widespread in Germany. And can perform at pace climbing well-respectable times - Hojer requires a time of just over six seconds for the 15-meter wall, National coach Urs Stöcker says: "He will deliver."

medal elevations - see Innsbruck 2018

"I have become in an identical starter field at the 2018 World Cup in Innsbruck's third - behind Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert," says Hojer. And even if this is already three years, he also gives rise to ambitious goals for Olympics. "If I get a very good day and get my performance in all three disciplines, I'll definitely climb for medals."

Start suded: Zeidler dominates one-forced

 Start suded: Zeidler dominates one-forced Oliver Zeidler launches custom in the rudder competition in one. Also the double villier of women convinced. The further boats of the DRV must be taken. © Provided by Start suded: Zeidler dominates one-forced Rowing World Champion Oliver Zeidler has easily taken the first hurdle on the way to the hoped-for medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. ( News: Everything to Olympia ) The one-dominator won his lead on Friday morning sovereign and moved into the quarterfinals on Monday.

That the Olympic flair is missing, Hojer regrets like all other athletes. "Everything that Olympia explains like the opening ceremony, the final ceremony or life in the Olympic village we can not participate or experience only very limited."

"Olympic values ​​such as respect and fair play can be lived much more about World Cups, where you have a lot of contact with the other athletes. In this respect, this is exactly the wrong stage here in Tokyo. "" (Jan Hojer)

So there is nothing else left than focusing on yourself and his sport. The first workouts have Megos and Hojer with the team around national coach Urs Stöcker meanwhile graduated - of course. The Olympic spirit - the expected Hojer not really to find with these corona games. "Respect and fair play are not only values ​​that should only be lived during the few hours of competition. In Tokyo we will be constantly in this bubble, with almost no contact with other athletes. Therefore, these Olympic values ​​can be lived much more about World Cups, where you have a lot of contact with the other athletes. In this respect, this is exactly the wrong stage here in Tokyo to promote these values. "

World Recorder Cheptei misses 10,000 m-gold .
Selemon Barega from Ethiopia is the first athletics Olympic champion of Tokyo. Topfavorit Joshua Cheptei remains only silver. © Provided by World Recorder Cheptei missed 10,000 m-gold Selemon Barega is the first athletics Olympic champion of Tokyo. The Ethiopian spurted on Friday over 10,000 m World Champion and Topfavorit Joshua Cheptei (Uganda) of it and won gold after 27: 43.22 minutes. world recorder Cheptei (27: 43.63) had to be satisfied with silver, bronze went to Jacob Kiplimo

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