US News: Hong Kong: Organizers of the annual vigil for Tiananmen arrested

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 Klosterhallen in Brussels Eighth - Duplantis brings organizers to the sweat Diamond League Meeting in Brussels © Imago Images, Getty Images Konstanze Klosterhallen and Armand Duplantis. Konstanze Klosterhallen have been shown in the Olympic year for the third time their current limits. At the penultimate Diamond League Meeting on Friday in Brussels, the 24-year-old World Cup third from Leverkusen had to satisfy more than 5000 meters with place eight and a period of 14: 35.88 minutes. In general, it was enough for the German athletes only for rear ranks.

Veillée aux chandelles organisée au 30e anniversaire de la répression de Tiananmen à Pékin, le 4 juin 2019 au parc Victoria à Hong Kong © Philip Fong Empower on the 30th anniversary of the repression of Tiananmen in Beijing, June 4, 2019 at Victoria Park in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong police arrested Wednesday several members of the organizing association of the annual vigil in memory of the repression of Tiananmen (China), in the aftermath of their refusal to cooperate in a survey conducted on behalf of national security.

Simon Leung (d) et deux autres membres de Hong Kong Alliance lors d'une conférence de presse, le 5 septembre 2021 à Hong Kong © Bertha Wang Simon Leung (D) and two other members of Hong Kong Alliance at a press conference on September 5, 2021 in Hong Kong

in a brief press release, the Hong Kong Alliance organization announced that Three of his members, Simon Leung, Sean Tang and Chan To-Wai, had been arrested on Wednesday morning.

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Another member, the lawyer Chow Hang-Tung, came out of his handcuffed office and accompanied by the police, noted a reporter from AFP.

The police confirmed the arrest of three men and a woman for "not having provided information" related to the law on national security. The four people are detained for the purposes of the investigation.

The organization is part of the pro-democracy groups under a survey on behalf of the powerful National Security Act, imposed by Beijing to eliminate any dissent after the enormous manifestations of 2019 in the former British colony .

last month, the police ordered the Alliance to give it financial and operational information, accusing it of being a "foreign agent".

The association has chosen to ignore this request that included personal details on all its members since its Foundation in 1989, all meeting reports and financial reports, as well as all exchanges with defense NGOs of the Democracy and human rights in China.

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Quelque 100.000 personnes participent à une veillée aux chandelles dans le parc Victoria à Hong Kong, pour le premier anniversaire du massacre de la place Tienanmen (Pékin, Chine), le 4 juin 1990 © Mike Fiala Some 100,000 people participate in a vigil for candles in Victoria Park in Hong Kong, for the first anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre (Beijing, China), June 4, 1990

Tuesday, deadline to respond to Requests for the police, members of the Alliance submitted a letter explaining that the motion was illegal and arbitrary and that no evidence of an offense had been made.

The Alliance also rejected the accusation of being a "foreign agent", explaining to be a local group working for the Hong Kong.

- More than 120 arrests -

At the end of these arrests, the very discreet Office Representative Beijing for National Security in Hong Kong, which settled in a hotel shortly after the promulgation of the law last year And who is building his seat in the city, published a statement.

"Anyone who violated Hong Kong's law on national security and other laws must be punished by the law," said the office.

The organizers of the vigil for Tiananmen in Hong Kong pursued for "incentive to subversion"

 The organizers of the vigil for Tiananmen in Hong Kong pursued for © Copyright 2021, the Obs The three main managers of the organizing association The annual vigil in Hong Kong in memory of repression From Tiananmen in 1989 were continued for "incentive to subversion", a few hours after the search of a museum dedicated to this historic event.

This agency had only been expressed twice, after the arrests of the magnat of the PRO-DEMOCRACY PRESS JIMMY LAIS and the Professor of Law Benny Tai, and had made no explanation after the more than 120 other arrests on behalf of the same national security law.

L'avocat et militant pro-démocratie Lawrence Lau, poursuivi pour subversion, arrive au QG de la police, à Hong Kong le 8 septembre 2021 © Peter Parks The lawyer and activist Pro-democracy Lawrence Lau, pursued for Subversion, arrives at the police HQ in Hong Kong on September 8, 2021

China is printing its authoritarian brand on Hong Kong, With the arrest of dozens of figures pro-democracy.

The alliance was once one of the symbols of political plurality in the city.

Every year since 1989, it gathered on June 4 tens of thousands of people in a park for candlelights in memory of the victims of Tiananmen's repression, the slogans calling for democracy in China.

The last two evenings were banned and a museum led by the Alliance was closed a few months ago.

The authorities, Beijing and Hong Kong, warned that the next evenings would certainly come into violation with the National Security Act.

On the night of 3 to 4 June 1989, the Chinese army had repressed in the blood seven weeks of student events on the huge Tiananmen Square, in the heart of Beijing, making hundreds or more than a thousand deaths.

This subject is taboo in China, where the communist regime has never expressed regrets for the 1989 massacre and where no commemoration is allowed.

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