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US News: Notre-Dame de Paris. The trades mobilized for the site are revealed to the Heritage Days

Scholz meets Macron: German election campaign in Paris

 Scholz meets Macron: German election campaign in Paris SPD candidate Scholz strokes his European competence at the meeting with France's head of state. On Wednesday his competitor is lashed on the series. © Photo: Federal Ministry of Finance / DPA Faust Greetings in the Elysée Palace. SPD chancellor candidate Scholz (l.) And France's head of state Macron on Monday in Paris. Many ways lead to the chancellery.

Démonstration de levage de charpente sur le parvis de la cathédrale Notre-Dame lors des journées du patrimoine en 2020. © Public Institution in charge of the Conservation and Restoration of the Cathedral Notre-Dame Demonstration of lifting of carpentry on the forecourt of the Cathedral Notre-Dame during the days of the Heritage in 2020.

on September 18th and 19th, a "village" will be installed on the Cathedral's forecourt. It will allow the public to discover the know-how of all the crafts of art, the project management and the research that works since the fire of April 15, 2019 at the site of security and consolidation of the Gothic jewel.

Nearly two and a half years after the incident that ravaged, including its roof and arrow, Notre-Dame de Paris still can not reopen to the public. But it will be still from the party to the Heritage Days .

Trial of the attacks of 13-November: Salah Abdeslam spoke in the box of the accused

 Trial of the attacks of 13-November: Salah Abdeslam spoke in the box of the accused © AFP at the Paris Palace of Paris, on September 8, 2021, the day of the opening of the attacks of 13 November 2015. The trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015 opened Wednesday in Paris, an event already described as "historical" in a courthouse transformed into a bunker and protected by a major police device. Salah Abdeslam, only still alive membership of the attacks appeared as "a fighter of the Islamic State" when opening the trial.

The public institution in charge of its catering offers "a dive in the heart of the site" by meeting its actors: carpenters, scaffolders, boilermakers, restorers of sculptures, architects , researchers ... in the village of the trades that will be installed on the for the monument.

Tribute to those who "work at the Renaissance of the Cathedral"

"As we did last year, we mobilize to put in honor the excellence and richness of the trades that contributed to the security And the consolidation of the Cathedral, emphasizes General Jean-Louis Georgelin, President of the Public Institution. The opportunity of "to pay tribute to these women and men who work tirelessly, from the fire, to the Renaissance of Notre-Dame". and "Encourage also vocations" among visitors.

Results Lotto Heritage Mission: discover the draw of this Wednesday, September 8, 2021

 Results Lotto Heritage Mission: discover the draw of this Wednesday, September 8, 2021 © Capture TF1 Results Lotto Heritage Mission: discover the draw of this Wednesday, September 8, 2021 This is a new edition of the Heritage Lottery Mission that held tonight, with a prize pool of € 25 million to win. To find out if luck smiled to you, find the draw results this Wednesday, September 8, 2021. After was more capricious weather side, the sun is finally installed throughout France.

Notre-Dame de Paris en chantier. © West-France Notre-Dame de Paris in construction. The latter will be able to exchange directly with the construction workers, attend demonstrations, participate in introductory workshops and conferences. On the side "so-called structural trains" , texts, photos and videos will revive large operations like

the spectacular disassembly of the stranger scaffolding that would enclose the monument during the fire. Also the clearing of the extradits of the vaults, cluttered in particular of vestiges of the frame. Or the installation of wooden hangers under the vaults to secure and renovate them.

Les statues des apôtres et des symboles des évangélistes qui ornaient la base de la flèche de Notre-Dame dans un atelier de la Socra, en Dordogne, où elles ont été restaurées, en août 2020. Elles ont été retirées de l’édifice quatre jours avant l’incendie du 15 avril 2019. © West-France The statues of the Apostles and the symbols of the evangelists who adorned the base of the arrow of Notre-Dame in a workshop of the Socra, in Dordogne, where they were restored, in August 2020. They were withdrawn From the building four days before the fire of April 15, 2019. Removal of the Grand Organ, Cleaning-Test Chapels, etc. "crafts", organs of orgues, restorers of murals, stone sculptures and metal will present

the removal of the great organ,

card. Find all the appointments of the Heritage Days, on 18 and 19 September

 card. Find all the appointments of the Heritage Days, on 18 and 19 September © Thomas Brégardis / Archives West-France Heritage Days in September 2019, with a visit to the Hotel de Blossac, in the old center of Rennes. After a truncated edition because of the health crisis, the Heritage Days come back on 18 and 19 September 2021. Animations, exhibitions and discoveries are proposed in thousands of sites, sometimes exceptionally open to the public. Places, Schedules, Appointment: Discover the full program on our interactive map.

the construction site of cleaning of the two and twenty-four chapels that account the cathedral. Or the spectacular restoration of the sixteen sculptures that adorned the base of the arrow, removed for renovation four days before the fire. Visitors will also be able to exchange with the representatives of the various trades of the public institution (engineers, lawyers, managers ...) also with the chief architects of the buildings of France. Finally researchers and scientists mobilized at the bedside of the cathedral will present their work and trades.


PARVISES OF OUR LADY OF PARIS. September 18 and 19 2021. Free and free access, without reservation, on presentation of the sanitary pass, from 10 am to 6 pm. To see also, during the Heritage Days, at the City of Architecture:

"Notre-Dame de Paris, the exposure increased" which proposes a virtual immersion in the history of the cathedral and the current site of catering .

Afghanistan. Sixteen French Repatriated Kabul in Doha .
© AFP Photo / Ho / Qatari Foreign Ministry In total, about 2,800 people were evacuated from Afghanistan by Paris, of which some 2,600 Afghans, according to official figures. A new evacuation operation was organized between Kabul and Doha to repatriate sixteen French and their families this Sunday. Sixteen French and their families were repatriated from Kabul to Doha (Qatar), and will soon take flight for Paris, indicated Sunday the French authorities.

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