US News: How Fabienne Keller gives a voice of Polish and Hungarian defenders of the rule of law

Dispute over Polish judicial reform, the EU wants to punish Warsaw

 Dispute over Polish judicial reform, the EU wants to punish Warsaw Poland-EU-justice: Dispute on Polish judicial reform, the EU wants to punish Warsaw © Reuters / ints Kalnins Dispute on Polish judicial reform, L EU wants to punish Warsaw (Reuters) - The European Commission announced Tuesday to have asked the EU's highest jurisdiction to impose economic sanctions against Poland as part of its dispute with Warsaw on the reform of its system. judicial.

Fabienne Keller, eurodéputée, au séminaire sur l'Etat de droit © European Parliament Fabienne Keller, Eurodété, at the seminar on the rule of law MP Centrist (Renew) in the European Parliament, Fabienne Keller has Organized from 15 to 17 September a seminar on the rule of law in Europe, bringing to Strasbourg judges, journalists, Polish and Hungarian lawyers, who struggle for freedoms in their country. How the elected tries to help them.

"Rule of Law". In the European Parliament the expression has become so running, that no one, or almost, does not bother to translate it. In French, it has been said, "Rule of law", and for the last ten years, it has been used when it is evokes the non-respect of this rule of law, in particular in the Eastern European countries, Hungary and Poland on your mind.

Jenifer: This candidate she knows very well will present The Voice All-Stars

 Jenifer: This candidate she knows very well will present The Voice All-Stars The singer will have the pleasant surprise to find a candidate she knows well since she coach him twice! © TF1 Jenifer: This candidate she knows very well will present The Voice All-Stars Saturday, September 11, The Voice will return! TF1 will offer an All-Stars edition with former candidates who have not won the TV hook over the last nine editions. Among them, will appear Olympus, finalist of the second season with Jenifer in 2013.

and it's good because Fabienne Keller, Europétée Centrist of the RENEW Group, has often spoken in Plenary in Strasbourg or commission in Brussels, "in the sisterhood", she says, that she decided organize a seminar in the Alsatian capital, to "give the floor to those who fight on a daily basis to defend it". Thus she brought lawyers, Judges, Hungarian and Polish journalists from 15 to 17 September.

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"I am a woman of the field, emphasizes the one who was mayor of Strasbourg and Senator of Bas-Rhin, it seemed essential to me to hear them and give them from the Visibility, while freedom of the press and the independence of justice are increasingly mistaken in their country. " Throughout these days, exchanges were organized with MEPs and members of the various European institutions.

Merkel sets in dispute over Polish Justice on Dialog

 Merkel sets in dispute over Polish Justice on Dialog Warsaw. At your probably last Poland visit as Chancellor, Merkel relies on conciliatory sounds. Even on the topic North Stream 2 there is approximation. In the dispute of Europeans UMS Polish Justice System, she recommends: talking to each other. © Leszek Szymanski Chancellor Angela Merkel (L, CDU) and Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, go during a meeting about the grounds of the Lazienki Palace.

"Defending our values"

"Failure to respect the rule of law seems also contaminant that the Covid ", deplores the elected, which hopes "arrive in the future to facilitate contacts, sharing experiences, exchanging solutions, creating a network. " have witnessed three Polish judges, including Pawel Juszczyszyn, 48, who has been suspended from his duties for wanted to apply European law. "I have been criminal treated!", Sighs the magistrate, father of three children, who for a year and a half has no work and touches a salary amputated by 40%.

For the member Keller, there was "urgency" to support this civil society "more and more under pressure". "I wanted to invite them here in Strasbourg, the City of Human Rights, and the European Parliament which is their Parliament," continues the elected, which has not stopped hammering, "Tell us how to help you ? "

The idea of ​​this meeting came to him a few months ago, after a trip to Hungary, where she accompanied another MEP of her group, Pierre Karleskind, a gay pride, and after a series of appointments in Poland. There, a high public servant enjoys it, it does not tell, not to let the country slide towards more authoritarianism. "To enforce the rule of law is to defend our values, our common good", exclaimed the elected centrist, during a mini-demonstration she organized on September 15th in the European Parliament , with the institutions- for only participants of the euroduutes of his camp.

"The Voice All Stars": Florent Pagny moved by the return of Anne Sila

 © Screenshot Florent Pagny in "The Voice All Stars" on TF1. Saturday night, TF1 celebrated with great pomp the 10 years of "The Voice" . On this occasion, five emblematic coaches have agreed to find the mythical red armchairs of the clock and fifty candidates, who have marked the public, feel their chances. Among them Florent Pagny surely did not expect to see Anne Sila again. Indeed, his old protégé, an unfortunate finalist of season 4, is no longer an artist in the making.

An anti-abortion lobby in the corridors of Parliament

The two days of exchange allowed me to give the flesh to the concept "of the rule of law." Fabienne Keller encouraged stakeholders to detail the content, to give concrete content. Thus have been appointed: freedom of speech, the secret of correspondence, the right to demonstrate, the right to equal treatment before the administrations, the freedom of the press, the independence of justice ... a lawyer specified that the first European texts spoke non-rule of law but of "pre-eminence of law".

Another discovery of the seminar: some ultra-conservative lobby, close to authoritarian governments, have their tickets to Brussels and Strasbourg. "Ordo-Iuris, which appears Anti - abortion, has the right to walk around the corridors of Parliament and the Commission. We will try to remove them from the register", ensures the MEP, which hopes that His seminar will lead to concrete results.

Another hope that it feeds: that authoritarian regimes "be affected by the wallet". Since January 1, the so-called "conditionality" rule provides that in order to benefit from the European stimulus plan, member countries must respect the fundamental values ​​of Europe. Those to whom they subscribed when they joined the European Union.

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