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"9 days in Raqqa": The tenacity of a young woman, mayor of a city symbol ravaged by the war, told in a documentary

 The documentary "9 days in Raqqa", first part of the trilogy "life" After Daech "from Xavier de Lauzanne, shows us the hard stain of reconstruction of a city destroyed by the Islamic state. It is literally driven by the courage and strength of his young mayor, Leila Mustapha. © supplied by FranceInfo Raqqa, northern city of Syria on the banks of the Euphrates, and former self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State, " RTE the marks of the occupation of Daech to all Street corners.

Salaire maire © Provided by Gentside Salary Mayor

The mayors of France do not all affect the same salary, far from it. The remuneration of the mayor of a municipality, as well as that of its deputies and other municipal councilors, varies by the number of inhabitants of the municipality. These remuneration can be increased. This is particularly the case when the municipality is a chief town, or when it is classified tourist resort. The increase in the compensation of elected officials of a commune classified tourist station can rise to 50%. So how many mayor and municipal deputies? We tell you everything. How much does a mayor win?

immersed in uncertainty, Afghans fear for their use and their future

 immersed in uncertainty, Afghans fear for their use and their future © AFP A with the return of the Taliban to power, Latifa Alizada was able to boil the pot for his three young sons and his husband unemployed through At his nursing salary at Jamhuriat Hospital in Kabul. But since August 15 and Kabul's taking by the Islamist movement, the future has fallen brutally obscured for the young Afghan aged 27. She left her job because she was not paid, and because of the non-mixture and clothing rules enacted by the new regime.

The mayor of a municipality is paid with the

local taxes . His salary thus varies greatly depending on the size of the municipality, and therefore the number of people who populate it. In all cases, a mayor affects an minimum indemnity of 991.80 euros raw monthly. This concerns the mayors of municipalities with fewer than 500 inhabitants.

The mayors

of the municipalities of 500 to 999 inhabitants receive a daily monthly allowance of € 1,567.43. For municipalities ranging from 1,000 inhabitants to 19,999, this compensation goes from 2,006.98 euros to 2,528.11 euros per month.

The wage of the Mayor of an average city

, from 20,000 to 49,999 inhabitants, sets up 3,500.46 euros per month. The mayors that administer a larger commune, accounting for between 50,000 and 99,999 inhabitants, affect a monthly gross salary of € 4,278.34. Finally, the wage of a mayor of a large commune, of more than 100,000 inhabitants, a touch of a salary of 5 639.63 euros raw monthly. The mayors of the three largest cities of France, Paris, Lyon and Marseille, are special cases. The wage of the Mayor of Paris is thus fixed at 9,204,27 euros per month of month. It is also the amount of the compensation paid to the Mayor of Marseille

A former UDI mayor of Seine-Saint-Denis judged in a fraudulent public procurement case

 A former UDI mayor of Seine-Saint-Denis judged in a fraudulent public procurement case © Archives AFP Twenty disputed markets are referred to in the proceedings against the former UDI mayor of Seine-Saint-Denis, for a amount estimated at some € 3.4 million. Laurent Rivoire, former mayor of Noisy-le-Dé (Seine-Saint-Denis), is judged until Friday in front of the Fifteenth Chamber of the Tribunal, specialized in financial affairs, for "favoritism", "illegal taking of interest And "trafficking of influence".

. The mayor of Lyon touches an indemnity of 8,459.45 euros gross per month.

What is the salary of deputies and municipal councilors? Like the monthly allowances paid to mayors,

the salary of the deputies and the

municipal councilors depends on the number of inhabitants established in their municipality. And again, the allowances paid to the deputies and municipal councilors of the town halls of Paris, Lyon and Marseille are special cases. The monthly gross allowances paid to the deputies range from 385.05 euros,

for the deputies of municipalities of less than 500 inhabitants, at 2 819.82 euros (communes of 200,000 inhabitants and more).

The Mayor of Paris perceives an indemnity of 6,320.28 euros gross if deputy to the Mayor of Paris and Vice-President of the

County Council

. If he is deputy Mayor of Paris and departmental advisor, his indemnity is fixed at 5,639.63 euros gross per month. The deputies to the mayor of the town halls of Lyon and Marseille affect an indemnity of 3,485.29 Euros raw monthly. The municipal councilors, finally, earn less than the deputies to the Mayor. Thus the municipal councilors of municipalities of less than 100,000 inhabitants receive no compensation. They occupy their duties

for volunteer

. The municipal councilors who exercise in the communes of more than 100,000 inhabitants affect a monthly gross allowance of 233.36 euros. In Lyon and Marseille, this allowance is set at € 1,341.84. As for the municipal councilors of Paris, their remuneration is fixed at 1,543.70 euros gross per month.

Rillieux-la-Pape: The Mayor prohibits rap concerts as a result of urban violence .
This decision follows a new episode of urban violence held on Saturday night, margin of an organized rap concert in The MJC of the city © Pixabay / Free-Photos The Mayor Lr of Rillieux-la-Pape decided to take a municipal order to prohibit the rap concerts on his joint. (Illustration) Sanction - This decision follows a new episode of urban violence that took place on Saturday night, on the sidelines of an organized rap concert in the MJC of the city more than Rap " until further notice ".

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