US News: "she passed on this virus to be happy at table": Jean Imbert remembers with her grandmother disappeared in 50 min inside

A very mortal virus worries in India

 A very mortal virus worries in India © Dr_Microbe / Getty Images A very deadly virus worried in India A 12-year-old child lost life, contaminated by the Nipah virus, much more mortal than Covid-19. While the planet still struggles against the pandemic of Covid-19 , India faces a new virus. As CBS News and Forbes report, the authorities of the State of Kerala, in the south of the country, are fighting to contain this epidemic.

© Capture TF1 "She sent me this virus to be Happy at Table ": Jean Imbert remembers his grandmother disappeared in 50 min Inside in the portrait of the week of 50 min Inside this 18 September, Chef Jean Imbert confided with emotion on his great- Missing mother, who sent him the love of cooking and with whom he had opened the Granie restaurant.

This Saturday, September 18, Nikos received Jean Imbert in his portrait of the week for 50 min Inside . And as the tradition does, the guest of the day came back on five key dates of his life by selecting small video clips showing these important moments. The famous chef was thus remembered its victory in 2012 during the 3 season of Top Chef , which propelled it to the front of the stage. And how obviously not to evoke this year 2021! At only 40 years old, it has been entrusted to him the orders of the cuisines of Plaza Athenee , in replacement of the immense allain Ducasse . He has already taken back the brewery and must now re-imagine the map of the prestigious Parisian Palace restaurant.

Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi absent for the resumption of his trial for health reasons

 Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi absent for the resumption of his trial for health reasons © AFP / File The former Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi was not presented at the retrial Monday for health reasons, his lawyer said at the AFP. At the head of a civilian government, Aung San Suu Kyi was deposed last February in a coup of the army, which has plunged the country into chaos. The junta launched a brutal crackdown against pro-democracy protests, and his forces have killed more than 1,000 civilians to date, according to an NGO monitoring human rights.

jean imbert taken by emotion by evoking her gap gap

but there is a date that has particularly touched Jean Imbert. 2019: the year when he has associated with his grandmother Nicole , then 92 years old, to open the restaurant Granny in Paris, whose card has honored the personal recipes of this lover. cooking that transmitted his passion to his grandson. An establishment that the chef has unfortunately chosen to close new , both continuing was difficult after the death of his grandmother worshiped in January 2021. Revoying the images of his granny disappeared in 50 min INSIDE , Jean Imbert was taken by emotion. "It's hard to review these images in real life. I had never seen video in fact . There is a little ..." has started the tight throat, without being able to finish not his sentence. "I have a lot of nostalgia in me, I am very sensitive , so it's true that there is ..." has continued, interrupting again under the blow of the emotion.

The 12 noon shots: soon a rule to avoid candidates present for months as Bruno? Jean-Luc Reichmann meets

 The 12 noon shots: soon a rule to avoid candidates present for months as Bruno? Jean-Luc Reichmann meets © Capture TF1 The 12 noon: soon a rule to avoid candidates present for months as Bruno? Jean-Luc Reichmann meets Wednesday, September 15, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Bruno, the 12 lunch master granted a maintenance on TV magazine. The opportunity for the facilitator to answer questions about a supposed change of rules in the game of TF1. It's the record 12 knocks . For many months, Bruno has been the champion of the lighthouse show of the Midi de TF1 .

"It was the most beautiful project of my life"

pulled little by little, Jean Imbert then came back on the opening of the restaurant Granie, explaining: " It was the most beautiful project of my life. 'I have a palace, tours ... The project I did with my grandmother, it was an exceptional fulfillment which mixed the real life, that of the intimate, and the family. The family. History of a life in fact, why I made cooking, finally my professional life. " even though it has now closed this establishment, it is proud to have realized this promise of child that he had made to his granny: " I told him when I was a little day, We will do a restaurant together ', and I do not know why, it was done. And after we did, she left. What would I have had as regrets if I did not do it . That's why it's beautiful. And I'm totally proud to have done it ".

"She passed on this virus to be happy to table"

Jean Imbert also made touching confidences on how his grandmother passed on to him from an youngest age the love of cooking. " She was so passionate about the cuisine she gathered around a table . What is the universe of good times in a life? for her, the good times in a life was The family around the table, put dishes in the middle and we were all happy. And yes, she passed on this virus to be happy at Table ", he revealed to Nikos. Before unveiling, despite his disappearance, his grandmother continued to accompany him on a daily basis: "She wrote me a letter that I kept, who is in my office, where she tells me 'I' I ' Will one day send the stars of the sky for your restaurants, a word like that, amazing. And every time I go back to my office, I read that and it's very touching. "

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