US News: Comparison Portal: Gas and electricity prices are rising heavily

Northern Pipeline Stream 2: Construction completed for the Russo-German project that penalizes Ukraine

 Northern Pipeline Stream 2: Construction completed for the Russo-German project that penalizes Ukraine © Provided by Le Parisien The Parisian Some thought that the gas pipeline would never see the day, both diplomatic tensions around this project 10 billion euros were strong. But the construction of North Stream 2 , a 1,230 km tube under the Baltic Sea, has just ended, reveals the Gazrom Gazier giant in a statement. For Russia, the ad has a taste of triumph. Indeed, the tube must double the deliveries of Russian gas to Germany.

The gas and electricity prices for consumers are according to the Compare Portal Check24 on record level and continue to rise. A pattern household with a consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours gas pay currently average 1516 euros annually.

In den kommenden Monaten wird der Strom- und Gasverbrauch für Haushalte ein deutlich teurerer Posten. © Marcus Brandt / DPA In the coming months, electricity and gas consumption for households will post a significantly more expensive.

50 basic suppliers have already increased their prices or price increases announced - on average by 11.5 percent, shared the comparison portal on Monday. For the model budget, the additional costs of 172 euros per year mean.

With the recovery of the economy after the corona restrictions, the stock market price for gas has risen to an all-time high. Consumers "must expect this winter with a wave of gas pumping increases," said Check24 Managing Director Steffen Suttner. "This is not least the rising CO2 delivery to blame. A model balance pays 2022 alone for 143 euros. "

Survey: Worries about CO2 prices?

 Survey: Worries about CO2 prices? A scarce majority of citizens suggests a survey no concern that higher CO2 prices could burden them financially. This is characterized by a representative survey of the market research institute Kantar, the results of which the DPA are available. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA / Symbol Image Higher CO2 prices make only around half of the citizens. Accordingly, 52 percent of respondents said, given the carbon dioxide pricing, which is also more expensive to the fuel, gave be concerned.

power generation has become more expensive

Even the electricity price is at record height. A pattern balance with 5000 kilowatt hours consumption payable currently average 1532 euros annually. Eight basic suppliers had increased their prices or elevations announced, on average by 3.7 percent. The more expensive the electricity accounting of the pattern household by 63 euros per year.

as the reasons for the price increase in electricity called CHECK 24 rising prices for natural gas, hard coal and CO2 emission certificates. An increasing demand for electricity would face lower production capacities due to the hard coal outlet and the windstiller September. The policy could relieve the consumers with a deletion of the EEG surcharge, said Suttner: "A family would save 387 euros a year."

What awaits the economy of a new government .
in the German economy is excited, but also something uncertainly looked at the formation of government: how long do the negotiations that alliance come about which course does this pursue in central questions? © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / DPA A key role especially for energy-intensive companies plays the expansion of the eco flow from renewable energies. The wish list of associations is long.

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