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US News: Submarine crisis: "My return to Paris marks the gravity of the moment", analyzes the French ambassador to Washington

Australian submarine contract. "Great disappointment" of French Naval Group

 Australian submarine contract. © Archives Ouest-France. This contract represents 50 billion Australian dollars (€ 31 billion). The decision of Australia to have nuclear propulsion submarines in partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom is a "great disappointment" for Naval Group.

Le Parisien © Provided by Le Parisien The Parisian

The situation is exceptional. In the aftermath with Emmanuel Macron and the Foreign Minister , the French Ambassador to Washington (United States): his reminder "is an exceptional" procedure (...) that marks the gravity of Our reaction and moment in our relations with the United States. Received in the studios of RTL this Monday morning, Philip Étienne says: "The idea is to assess the situation in our relationships, trying to see the prospects. This is the reason why I was received by the Minister and the President of the Republic. The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom announced on Wednesday a strategic partnership to counter China, Aukus, including the supply of American nuclear propulsion submarines in Canberra, which took out the French of the French. game, then a colossal contract had been signed in 2016.

Washington attempts to appease the IRE of Paris in the Australian submarine case

 Washington attempts to appease the IRE of Paris in the Australian submarine case © AFP / Archives a ccused by France from giving her a "blow in the back" by torpedening the "contract of the "French submarines to Australia, the United States of Joe Biden tried Thursday to avoid an open crisis with Paris, without succeeding in soothing his anger. "France is a vital partner" in the Indo-Pacific region "and in many other areas," said American diplomacy Antony Blinken. "It was the case for a long time, and it will be the case in the future," he said.

???? Submarine crisis: "My return to Paris marks the gravity of the moment",


, Ambassador of France to the United States #rtlmatin - RTL France (@rtlfrance) September 20, 2021

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of the magnitude of our concerns (...) The reminder is already an answer. (...) There were statements and then this reminder (...) what will happen to continue to talk about it, "comments on the diplomat.

concerning the content of his conversations Sunday night with Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Yves Le Drian, the ambassador explains without giving more details that they "analyzed the situation" and "mentioned what can be done later". "And that's why I will continue during my stay in France to have these consultations. In 2016, France had signed a contract of Australian $ 90 billion (€ 56 billion) for the provision to Australia of 12 diesel propulsion submarines, often described as "century contract" due to its scale and strategic scope. But after a meeting with the United States, Australia has canceled this agreement, provoking an unprecedented crisis with its French ally.

Submarine crisis: Blinken recalls that "France is a vital partner"

 Submarine crisis: Blinken recalls that © Tom Williams Antony Blinken before the American Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington on 14 September. In full Voltage with France Antony Blinken makes rhyme "diplomacy" with "hugging therapy". While the French government is mounted to the niche Thursday following the announcement of an alliance with the United States the United Kingdom and Australia dropping a juicy contract by nearly 56 billion euros Between Canberra and French Naval Group , Washington tries to reassure Paris.

France "absolutely not informed" of the hesitations of Australia

The reminder of French diplomats "is not a break, estimates Philip Étienne, but the moment is serious enough to have this type of diplomatic gesture. "The Americans themselves are concerned about maintaining their relations with France, a serious, credible, reliable ally.

The diplomat states, however, that France has "absolutely not informed" of the hesitations of Australia and adds that the United States "knew the importance of this contract for France, both on the industrial level and Compared to our strategy in the Indoacific Zone ". According to him, Americans still consider France as "an important ally, including in terms of security". "We need Americans in Europe, but the Americans also have the desire to continue working with us."

Submarine crisis: "It's an arm of iron" that starts between France and the United States .
© Brendan Smialowski / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on Wednesday on the phone. A call, a press release and the ax of war has been buried. Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on the phone at the request of the US President to "examine the consequences" of the submarine crisis. During the call, Joe Biden acknowledged that "open consultations between allies on issues of strategic interest in France and the European partners would have allowed to avoid the situation" .

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