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US News: Foreign Office has no overview yet: How many places are still in Afghanistan?

the Taliban looking for allies: the visit of the head of the Qatar

 the Taliban looking for allies: the visit of the head of the Qatar the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan received the head of the diplomacy of Qatar, this leading mediator, in particular, since the arrival at Power of the Taliban called for "national reconciliation" of all Afghan parties. View on Euronews © Karim Sahib / AFP Gold Licensors Qatar's special forces upon arrival at Kabul airport, Afghanistan, September 12, 2021 The new government of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan is looking for Allies.

The Federal Government whites allegations, she has demonstrated the evacuation of the spare forces back. The exact number of exercise "is currently being determined".

Ein Blick durch Stacheldraht am Fliegerhorst Wunstorf der Luftwaffe in der Region Hannover. © Photo: DPA / Julian Stratenschulten A view through barbed wire at the flyerhorst Wunstorf of the Air Force in the Hannover region.

Good three weeks after the end of the German-German evacuation campaign in Afghanistan , the Federal Government has no accurate insights on how many of their former Afghan employees still want to leave the country.

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Afghanistan: For the United Nations, humanitarian aid must be a lever on the Taliban

 Afghanistan: For the United Nations, humanitarian aid must be a lever on the Taliban © - Salvatore di Nolfi The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, September 13, 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. At an international conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday, 13 September, the United Nations (UN) indicated to have recorded more than $ 1 billion in donations to help Afghanistan, grip in a humanitarian catastrophe. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, wants these means to "advance human rights" in the country.

"The exact number is currently from The Federal Government established, "says in a response from the Federal Foreign Office to a request of the Greens in the Bundestag presented by the German Press Agency. In it, the Federal Government rejects allegations again, she has demonstrated the evacuation of the spare forces: "The Federal Government was always supported by the aim of meeting their special responsibility towards the spare forces at all times."

The Green Group had a catalog of the Federal Government 114 questions transmitted, which have now been answered on more than 30 pages. The Deputy Group Chairman Agnieszka Brugger and the Foreign Politics Omid Nouripour showed dissatisfied with the answers.

"The Federal Government ducks away and does not have a genuine interest in a complete work-up of its catastrophic failure," she explained and once again called for the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee after the general election. In the evacuation of local forces and further threatened Afghans, the Federal Government had "failed on a whole line".

Since the beginning of the evacuation campaign after the seizure of power of the Militant Islamist Taliban in mid-August, 272 local staff with a total of 992 family members have left the country after the most recent information of the Federal Government. (dpa)

Afghanistan: The United States "lost" the war, admits the US Chief of Staff .
© Hoshang Hashimi Kabul (Afghanistan) on September 24th. The Taliban flag now adorns the streets of the Afghan capital. AFP / HOSHANG HASHIMI The United States "lost" the war conducted for 20 years in Afghanistan. This is allowed by Wednesday the US Chief of Mark Milley before a parliamentary committee, one month after the chaotic end of the American intervention in that country.

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