US News: Submarine case: biden and macron promise to restore "trust"

point of view. "Biden: a portrait cracked by the Afghan disaster"

 point of view. © AFP During a speech on August 25, Joe Biden confirmed the withdrawal of American troops as of August 31. "During the presidential election, Biden depicted like everything Trump was not." But according to Marie-Christine Bonzom, a political scientist of the United States, former journalist in Voice of America and the BBC, "This portrait is now cracked". Disastrous management of the withdrawal of Afghanistan has not finished haunting Joe Biden.

Emmanuel Macron et Joe Biden le 12 juin 2021 lors d'une rencontre bilatérale (photo d'illustration). © Reuters - Kevin Lamarque Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden on June 12, 2021 at a bilateral meeting (picture of illustration).

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden promised Wednesday, September 22, during a phone call, to restore the trust between France and the United States after the Australian submarine crisis, which could have been avoided by "open consultations Upstream, according to a common statement of the Elysee and the White House.

"Open consultations between allies on issues of strategic interest for France and European partners would have avoided this situation. President Biden shared his sustainable commitment on this subject, "says the statement.

Is Emmanuel Macron in the process of "checking the checklot" before 2022?

 Is Emmanuel Macron in the process of © Copyright 2021, the Obs whom the turn? The plans, the aid, and the euros seem to rain by thousands in this return, and even since this summer. Thursday, September 16, Emmanuel Macron exhibited a plan of more than 3 million euros for the self-employed, including expanding their access to unemployment insurance and protect their heritage.

As a result, the two American and French leaders, who will meet "in Europe at the end of October", "decided to launch a process of in-depth consultation aimed at setting up the conditions guaranteeing the trust and to propose concrete measures to achieve common goals ".

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in this context of appeasement, the French ambassador to the United States , Philippe Etienne, will return to Washington "next week", decided Emmanuel Macron.

"Strategic importance"

Paris had announced Friday the reminder of ambassadors in the United States and Australia, an unprecedented decision vis-à-vis two historic allies, after the torpedoing of a megacontrrate of French submarines to Canberra.

Joe Biden also stated that it was "necessary for the European Defense to be stronger and more efficient" to contribute to transatlantic safety and complete "the role of NATO".

the United States "reaffirms that the commitment of France and the European Union in the Indo-Pacific region is of strategic importance," adds the release published six days after the triggering the most serious diplomatic crisis. Between the United States and France since the French "No" to the Iraq War in 2003.

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The United States avoids federal paralysis, biden against other stormy debates .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs the United States avoided Thursday 30 September in extremis the paralysis of federal services but several other fronts always threaten Joe Biden's presidency, who tries to gather the Democratic troops, burdensome in a fratricidal war around his extensive investment and reform projects.

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