US News: "It's right to be green": Johnson speaks in speech in front of Frog Kermit

"We must defend the freedom to be": Ursula von der Leyen diplomat on the rights LGBTQI +

 © supplied by stubborn "We must defend the freedom to be": Ursula Von der Leyen diplomats on LGBTQI + duties in the aftermath of the LGBTQI + LGBTQU + vote in particular in Hungary and Poland, the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen promised, in his speech on the state of the state. European Union, to defend the treaties. "We must defend the freedom to be who we are, to say what goes by the head, to love the one or the one we want to love.

The British Premier Boris Johnson has continued his tradition of absurd-funny performances before the UN General Assembly with a speech to the fight against climate change. With a view to the threatening climate conference COP 26 in Glasgow in November, Johnson confessed in its speech at the United Nations General debate in New York on Wednesday evening greater efforts. "We have a great power to change things or to change better, and a great power to save ourselves," he said.

Boris Johnson bei der UN in New York © AP Boris Johnson At the UN in New York

, Johnson emphasized that climate measures would not only help the planet, but also took advantage of the economies: "As Kermit the frog" It is not easy to be green "sang - remember You turn it out? - I want you to know he was wrong. He was wrong. It's not just easy, it's lucrative and it's right to be green! "Johnson's well-known frog figure from the" Muppet Show ". He added, "Always apart that he was unnecessarily rough to Miss Piggy, as I think."

SPD remains in a strong position

 SPD remains in a strong position Mannheim. One week before the general election, there was little movement in the recent survey of the Politikareter. The election outlet is still open. © Michael Kappeler Chancellor's candidate Olaf Scholz (SPD), Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock (Alliance90 / The Greens) and Chancellor's Candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) are located in the television studio in front of Triell last Sunday at ARD and ZDF. The race for the general election remains exciting.

Johnson wants to rename himself because of wind farms in "Boreas"

Pries Johnson in addition to the plants of trees especially the wind energy In his own way: "In the flooded prairies of Doggerland between Great Britain and Holland in the North Sea large forests made of beautiful wind turbines created. In fact, we produce so much offshore wind that I think about it, to change my name in honor of the God of the North Wind in "Boreas" Johnson. "

in his speech thanked the British Prime Minister, who is known for his silly performances, China's President Xi Jinping for his announcement, no more coal-fired power plants to export. He also praised US President Joe Biden for his promise of billions of additional dollars on climate aids. Likewise, Johnson rendered from modern technology to "absorb and do in Brownies" CO2.

The Premier also made it clear that the global course in the fight against global warming with a predicted temperature rise of 2.7 degrees to 2100 is fatal. "I hope that COP 26 will be like a 16th birthday for humanity, where there is not much misery, but a party in which we decide to grow up," Johnson said. That's why the climate conference "the candles of a burning world" would have to be exhausted. (AFP)

traffic light or Jamaica coalition: This is the schedule for upcoming probing .
four days after the federal election, the schedule for the upcoming exploratory discussions between the parties is becoming increasingly clearer. Green faction leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt expressed itself with a view to a coalition with the participation of CDU and CSU skeptical. On the other hand, CDU federal vide Jens Spahn made it clear that he puts on the possibility of a government participation for the Union. © Getty Images Olaf Scholz, Annalena Baerbock and Armin Laschet (V.L.) How it w

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