US News: After the telephone interview between biden and macron, promises to concretize

point of view. "Biden: a portrait cracked by the Afghan disaster"

 point of view. © AFP During a speech on August 25, Joe Biden confirmed the withdrawal of American troops as of August 31. "During the presidential election, Biden depicted like everything Trump was not." But according to Marie-Christine Bonzom, a political scientist of the United States, former journalist in Voice of America and the BBC, "This portrait is now cracked". Disastrous management of the withdrawal of Afghanistan has not finished haunting Joe Biden.

American and French presidents published joint communicated to revive the transatlantic relationship following the Australian submarine crisis. The real test will be the implementation of the tracks mentioned.

Editorial of the "World". The war ax is buried - at least with Washington. A week after the surprise announcement of the creation of the Trilateral Security Partnership United States - Australia - Great Britain Aukus, who has provoked a deep crisis with France, Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron have agreed, During a telephone interview, Wednesday, September 22, on a series of measures to improve the transatlantic dialogue.

trouble around submarine Deal: Macron would have needed to know

 trouble around submarine Deal: Macron would have needed to know actually hears in Europe if the US President stops talking to foreign policy? That Biden China sees as dangerous rivals and closes alliances in this sense has long been foreseeable. © Angelos Tzortzinis / AFP feels humbled by the US government: France's President Emmanuel Macron. Macron would have to know You can understand the rage of the French Yes.

The joint release published at the end of this conversation offers several avenues to revive the relationship between the United States and Europe, which has severely suffered from the Trump Presidency and that the Biden administration has not really restored.

Macron plays the appeasement with biden and hope to relaunch its European agenda

The first is obvious: "Launch a process of in-depth consultation". It is this lack of consultation which provoked a real discomfort among the European allies during the withdrawal of Afghanistan; It is she who, again, is involved in the negotiation on the secretly led aukus in the back of France, whose submarine sales contract in Australia has been broken. Mr. Biden is amended honorable: put Paris in the loop would have "avoid" a "situation" that the two leaders do not diplomatically to qualify in the statement.

Emmanuel Macron receives Harkis at the Elysée to "open the repair site"

 Emmanuel Macron receives Harkis at the Elysée to © Copyright 2021, Obs Emmanuel Macron chairs this Monday 20 September in the morning a reception dedicated to Harkis, to "take a new step Towards the recognition of the state responsibility in the suffering of these veterans alongside the French army during the Algerian war. were invited to the Elysee some 300 people: Harkis, which are now very elderly, sixty years after the end of the conflict, but also their descendants, officials of associations and personalities.

Two other points are potentially carriers of more productive cooperation. The United States admits that the Indo-Pacific is not their exclusive zone and that France, which is present there, and the European Union, which submitted its strategy for the region last week, there are a role. to play. And, most importantly, mm. Biden and Macron emphasize the need for a "stronger European defense" to "complement the role of NATO". The wording is vague, but it responds to a constant claim from Paris, which, unlike the vells expressed in some opposition circles in France little by the geostrategic realities, has no interest in leaving NATO.

Video: "Clarification" interview between Macron and Biden CE Wednesday (France 24)

US Support, Reaffirmed by President Biden, to the Counter-Terrorism Control by France Aided for Europeans in Sahel is important.

Submarine crisis: Joe Biden's silence on France

 Submarine crisis: Joe Biden's silence on France © AFP - Nicholas Kamm US President Joe Biden Receives British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Oval Office of the White House, September 21, 2021. Diplomatic day charged for US President Tuesday, September 21st. After his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Joe Biden spoke with his partners from the new Trilateral Covenant for the Indo-Pacific, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Head of the British Government Boris Johnson.

The grievance is deep

All these promises obviously remain to concretize. The devil is well known, is in the details. What exactly, a stronger "European defense" in terms of decision-making process? The episode of the Aukus has shown how the external policy of the United States, entirely turned towards rivalry with China, does little case of allies judged non-essential, and the natural will probably come back to gallop. It is up to Europeans to seize this opportunity and overcome their divisions.

"The crisis of submarines is not a case of ship quality. It is a big step forward in the Sino-American confrontation "

the subject of the submarines and the French contract poured by the Americans is not mentioned. It will be the subject of another telephone interview by Mr. Macron with the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that the Elysee will undoubtedly make a little bit of the grievance. With him, it will also be necessary to speak financial compensation.

will remain to process the British component, Prime Minister Boris Johnson who requested Wednesday to the French, on television, to "give a break". Paris, however, has ostensibly reserved his anger in the United States rather than in London in this case. "When we are not happy with a dish at the restaurant, we do not summon the cooking boy, we ask the chef," entrusted a counselor of President Macron. No doubt, but it's always a little more complicated when the cooking boy is the neighbor.

The United States avoids federal paralysis, biden against other stormy debates .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs the United States avoided Thursday 30 September in extremis the paralysis of federal services but several other fronts always threaten Joe Biden's presidency, who tries to gather the Democratic troops, burdensome in a fratricidal war around his extensive investment and reform projects.

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