US News: Faced with the outbreak of gas, the United Kingdom rotates its coal plants to ensure its electricity supply

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 A Soweto, Ramaphosa and the © Luca Sola for children waiting for President Cyril Ramaphosa in Soweto, September 18, 2021 "I want to see Ramaphosa, he will make us the electricity! ", cries happily Sbusiso Mbele, 14 years old, running towards the presidential convoy. In the Campaign for the ANC prior to local elections in South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa promised Saturday to the inhabitants of a disinherited area of ​​Soweto to improve their daily lives. In Nomzamo Park, there is no electricity for nearly three years.

Face à la flambée du gaz, le Royaume-Uni fait tourner ses centrales à charbon pour assurer son approvisionnement en électricité © Nadinlisa / Pixabay Faced with the outbreak of gas, the United Kingdom rotates its coal plants to ensure Its electricity supply at the risk of incorporating its energy transition, the United Kingdom has been forced to rotate its coal plants - particularly polluting - to ensure the supply of electricity recently.

Faced with the outbreak of Gas prices, the United Kingdom did not hesitate to rotate its coal plants in recent weeks to ensure the supply of the country with electricity. "In recent weeks, a number of coal plants have had to work, including the units of the DRAX power station," the British Energetician Drax in a statement transmitted to AFP. Power stations at , particularly polluting, "have played a vital role by keeping the lights on while the energy system is subject to considerable pressure," she added.

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DRAX, which exploits the country's largest central, located in Yorkshire, originally planned to stop this fuel from 2021 and replace it with biomass. But the company has indicated that it could extend the use of coal if necessary, to help maintain the equilibrium of the electricity grid, subjected to severe test in recent weeks, indicates the boss of the company in Financial Times Thursday. This could complicate the British government's commitment to completely renounce coal by October 2024 while the country organizes in November in Glasgow the COP26, the World Climate Conference, and targets carbon neutrality in 2050.

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Soaring energy prices concerns all Europe, but the United Kingdom is particularly under pressure because of its strong natural gas dependence to generate electricity. Gas prices reached last week a historic record in the country, after a fire having drastically reduced the capacity of electrical interconnection with France. Winter approaching, this situation is fearing strong price increases for consumers and has already provoked the bankruptcy of several small energy suppliers in recent weeks.

Climate: Washington and London welcome Beijing's decision on coal, but more

 Climate: Washington and London welcome Beijing's decision on coal, but more © AFP / Archives L ES United States and the United Kingdom welcomed the decision of the China Wednesday. To stop building coal plants abroad, but called on the Chinese authorities to do more, in their country, to combat climate change. Chinese President Xi Jinping made this announcement Tuesday during his speech at the Annual General Meeting of the UN , a significant promise greeted by the ecologists.

Last as dates, Avro Energy and Green Supplier, who provided 800,000 customers with two, announced on Wednesday stop their activity. The situation in the gas market is "unprecedented," said Wednesday the director of the OFGEM Jonathan Brearley, acknowledging that "far beyond several hundred thousand consumers" could end up with an electricity supplier in Bankruptcy at the edge of winter. The OFGEM promises, however, that it has a plan in place and that failing operators will be replaced without interruption of service for their customers.

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comparator The outbreak of the gas had led a few days ago the stop of two fertilizer factories belonging to the American Group CF Industries, Which produces 60% of the United Kingdom CO2, making fear to the livestock sector and the agri-food industries of strong shortages. An agreement had finally concluded Tuesday with the Government to restart its production of this gas, with financial support of "several million" books of the British taxpayer.

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The outbreak of gas prices dops the price of oil .
© Pixabay The outbreak of gas prices dops the oil price The producing countries of the OPEC + meet Monday and could review their production plans. This is one of the consequences of the sharp rise in gas prices. It takes to a lesser extent a more competitive oil, part of the demand dedicated to the production of electricity and heating is likely to refer to the black gold this winter.

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