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US News: Submarine crisis: "It's an arm of iron" that starts between France and the United States

Washington attempts to appease the IRE of Paris in the Australian submarine case

 Washington attempts to appease the IRE of Paris in the Australian submarine case © AFP / Archives a ccused by France from giving her a "blow in the back" by torpedening the "contract of the "French submarines to Australia, the United States of Joe Biden tried Thursday to avoid an open crisis with Paris, without succeeding in soothing his anger. "France is a vital partner" in the Indo-Pacific region "and in many other areas," said American diplomacy Antony Blinken. "It was the case for a long time, and it will be the case in the future," he said.

Emmanuel Macron et Joe Biden se sont entretenus mercredi au téléphone. © Brendan Smialowski / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on Wednesday on the phone.

A call, a press release and the ax of war has been buried. Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on the phone at the request of the US President to "examine the consequences" of the submarine crisis. During the call, Joe Biden acknowledged that "open consultations between allies on issues of strategic interest in France and the European partners would have allowed to avoid the situation" . After that ? This is the French ambassador Philippe Étienne back to the United States as early next week, while "in-depth consultations" will be put in place to restore confidence between the two countries. A week after the crisis, the dialogue seems already restored.

to the one: France indignant by the United States decision

 to the one: France indignant by the United States decision © - Phil Noble The American Presidents Joe Biden and French Emmanuel Macron, at the G7 meeting in England, July 11, 2021 Tensions are More than palpable between France and the United States, following the cancellation of the contract of more than $ 30 billion signed with Australia for the construction of conventional submarines. A subject that trustes one of the American press this Friday.

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"This is a de-escalation, not a reconciliation" , Annick Temperer CIZEL, American Foreign Policy Specialist at the Sorbonne University New - Paris 3. " France could not afford to Stay scrambled too long with the United States. They remain our most important ally in the anti-terrorism fight in the Sahel. We absolutely need a strong and constructive relationship with them, on many topics , "analyzes the Alexandra's Politist from Hoop Scheffer.

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Submarine crisis: "My return to Paris marks the gravity of the moment", analyzes the French ambassador to Washington

 Submarine crisis: © Provided by Le Parisien The Parisian The situation is exceptional. In the aftermath with Emmanuel Macron and the Foreign Minister , the French Ambassador to Washington (United States): his reminder "is an exceptional" procedure (...) that marks the gravity of Our reaction and moment in our relations with the United States. Received in the studios of RTL this Monday morning, Philip Étienne says: "The idea is to assess the situation in our relationships, trying to see the prospects.

It seems, however, that the Week of Facheries has Not been vain. "Joe Biden seems to have realized the consequences of this crisis on his relations with France and with Europe" , continues the researcher. While the bilateral appeal between the two countries was to take place "in the coming days", the US president was eager to join his French counterpart from Wednesday. "And Antony Blinken found the time to receive an emergency Jean-Yves le Drian. This means, somewhere, a message has been heard. " observes Annick Cizel.

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for Annick Cizel, it's even " an arm of iron " that begins. Emmanuel Macron spoke with Narendra Mod by margin of UN discussions and is committed to "Strengthening Strategic Autonomy of India": a way, according to the researcher, to reaffirm the French vision of alliances strategic in the Indiveacific. "It must be understood that it is not only a question of the " contract of century ", which certainly escapes us, but of the question of alliances that evinate France in the Indopacific. In boycotting the United Nations, France takes the Americans on their relations with India and reaffirms the general principle of strategic autonomy, which the United States does not hear, ", says Annick Cizel.

Submarines: The EU highlights "a lack of loyalty" of the United States

 Submarines: The EU highlights © Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP European Union, submarines, USA, Charles Michel, C Harles Michel, the President of the European Council reacted Monday 20 September to the affair of submarines that shake the political and diplomatic world for a few days. On September 15, Joe Biden reported the signing of a security pact with Australia and the United Kingdom to counter China. France, not consulted, lost a huge contract of submarines ordered by Canberra.

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but does France have the means to afford this force of power? "Historically, we have proven that France has the means" , estimates Annick Cizel. "The country is certainly an average power as to its operational capacities, but we are no less permanent member of the UN Security Council and the only European nuclear power." For Alexandra from Hoop Scheffer, the crisis would have even been an opportunity for France to obtain a "diplomatic compensation": " This crisis has allowed a clarification between France and the United States on a number of subjects: The Sahel, the Defense Europe, the recognition of France in the Indopacific ", she ensures. "But the relationship of trust, it remains to rebuild."

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