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US News: The Seine, opening of Paris on the sea

63 Visible garbage findings at 100 meters MV Baltic Sea

 63 Visible garbage findings at 100 meters MV Baltic Sea Whether cigarette tilting, cords, plastic petroles or bags - on the Baltic Sea beach is much, which does not belong there. On average, 63 visible wastes are found at 100 meters of Baltic Sea beach in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. "About 80 percent of garbage findings are made of plastic," said the director of the State Office for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Geology (Lung), Ute Henings, on Tuesday to present the new brochure "Less garbage - more beach".

The valley of the Seine is a major space of circulation of goods, which must, however, deal with important regional competition. Created in June 2021, Haropa Port aims to strengthen the attractiveness of this valley.

A major circulation space between Le Havre and Paris

since June 1, the three most important ports of the Seine, Paris, Rouen and Le Havre, have grouped together in the same establishment, Haropa Port, become the Fifth North European port set. The objective is to form a European port system in the field of industry, logistics and tourism. Many logistical sites are developing, including near the harbor of Le Havre, in Rouen, or on the port of Limay, where IKEA will build an important logistics center.

Prince Harry will be 37: So congratulates his family

 Prince Harry will be 37: So congratulates his family Prince Harry may look forward to numerous congratulations on his 37th birthday. However, the birthday greetings from the palace are focused on the palace due to the tense location between Harry and his family. © imago / i images Prince Harry celebrates his 37th birthday - of course he also congratulates his family in the social media in spite of everything both the Queen (95) and Prince William (39) and his father Prince Charles (72).

A position to defend in a competitive regional context

The port of the Le Havre has difficulty staying competitive in the major north-European ports, especially since the postponement of the goods by rail and river transport is to be improved. The construction of the Seine-Nord Canal, making it possible to connect directly to the port of Antwerp to the basin of the Paris region, has feared a bypass of the Seine Valley and Haropa Port, for the benefit of Flemish ports. The merger of the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris into a single entity is one of the answers made.

Paris-Le Havre. And in the middle flows the Seine ...

benefiting from an investment program of € 1,450 billion over five years, Haropa Port generates a maritime and river traffic of more than 130 million tonnes, and its activities account for about 160,000 Jobs. Its managers hope that the capacity of the Seine in the field of fluvial transport will triple. The railway network, passenger and freight is, meanwhile, saturated. Electrification of the serking-Gisors section should increase freight capabilities, waiting for the new Paris-Normandy line project. The first section was not to be completed before 2035, distant delays that raise concerns about the actual realization of the project.

Map with the help of Arnaud Brennetot, Professor of Geography at the University of Rouen

Sources: Atlas of the Seine Valley, Arnaud Brennnetot, editions otherwise; INSEE; Logistics Seine-Normandie; Harropa; Center for Eurasian Maritime & Inland Logistics.

File made in partnership with the International Forum of Positive Cities and Territories LH Forum, Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).

Crack in Paris: The evacuation of the city already in preparation .
The town hall and the state do not want to move Crack consumers in a new camp but rather disperse them in hotels. This solution "can only last a few hours or days". The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, was clear, Tuesday, September 28, before the deputies: for him, no question that Crack's consumers, in Paris, displaced on September 24 from Riquet Street (19th arrondissement) to Square From La Villette Gorge (19th) stay here for a long time. a few hours, a few days? No one knows.

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