US News: Crack in Paris: The drug addicts of the Gardens of Eole and Stalingrad were evacuated

Crack in Paris. Anne Hidalgo renounces the 20th website located near an

 Crack in Paris. Anne Hidalgo renounces the 20th website located near an school © AFP / Thomas Coex a protester holds a sign "My neighborhood will not crack, a school is to instruct, not to consume" during a demonstration In front of the town hall of the 20th arrondissement of Paris, on September 11, 2021, to protest against a future Crack consumer welcome center in the district Pelleport Street.

Après une semaine de tensions, une opération d'évacuation des toxicomanes installés dans les secteurs des jardins d'Éole et de Stalingrad à Paris a eu lieu ce vendredi. Cette opération suffira-t-elle à régler le problème ? Les habitants du secteur, associations et personnalités politiques ne sont pas tous convaincus. © Christophe Archambault / AFP after a week of tensions, an evacuation operation of the drug addicts installed in the sectors of the Gardens d'Eole and of Stalingrad in Paris took place this Friday. Will this operation suffice to solve the problem? The inhabitants of the sector, associations and political figures are not all convinced.

Do rivers in the Northeast Parisian eventually be able to blow? A drug evacuation operation took place in the Eole and Stalingrad Gardens sector on Friday. About a hundred people were reoriented by law enforcement. drug addicts were installed on the riquet street sidewalk (XIX ARR.) In tents or wealth shelters, along the grill of a public garden.

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A temporary displacement in the 19th arrondissement

The drug addicts were placed in six buses to be sent place Auguste Baron, towards the door of the Villette (XIX ARR.). A sector without residents in the immediate vicinity, according to the police prefecture. Water and sanitary should be made available by the Mayor of Paris, which denounces the lack of concertation of the elected representatives of the 19th arrondissement.

On the spot, the first deputy, Emmanuel Gregory indicated wanting to find a perennial solution with all the public authorities so that this evacuation does not reconstitute a crack hill elsewhere in Paris. "Who says they will not come back tonight or tomorrow?"

The inhabitants of the sector are not all convinced by this operation as a waterfront under the pseudonym of Stalincrack at the microphone of Europe 1. "This is a good thing this evacuation, because it makes more than 70 days that

This camp exists and makes us live a hell. After, I can not rejoice at this evacuation because there are no associations where the addicts have been displaced. who says they will not come back Not tonight or tomorrow? We are waiting to see, "he explains.

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The inhabitant describes an infernal situation, which has become a habit for the residents of the sector, "the daily life is violent. When we go out, we get agreed. There are flights, rapes and dead. We live all that in Full Paris in 2021. It's a little shocking. "

"A hot potato that everyone is refixed"

as for many, this evacuation is a delay bomb. "It's a sort of hot potato that everyone is refixed. We move the problem every time. Since this morning, there are many people who come, who were not there for evacuation and are A little lost, who do not know where to go. The police send them on foot to the new location, "says the waterfront.

What is the solution to remedy this problem according to the inhabitants of the sector? "Most of them want to be treated. That's it that is paradoxical. But all that is set up is a little undeveloped to help them," says Stalincrack.

Administrative Querel

On the political side, the government and the Paris City Hall have been regularly responsible for several months. The Town Hall of Paris accuses the Government not to have been prevented in advance of this evacuation. An express action of Beavau not to leave the field at Anne Hidalgo, which is now in

campaign for the presidential election, as explained by Jacques would be the political service of Europe 1.

The prefect of police is aware that this solution is conscious that this solution temporary remains. The Town Hall of Paris said he relieved, even if she regrets that shelter is not organized. But the government has come out that the establishment of host rooms is lounging at the town hall. The quarrels between administrations remain the same, the only difference that it is a new neighborhood that will have to suffer this situation.

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