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US News: Case Gabriel Matzneff. "Nothing has changed", denounces Francesca Gee, an accusant of the writer

Submarines: Macron and Biden will meet in the next days

 Submarines: Macron and Biden will meet in the next days United StatesSecurit-France: Submarines: Macron and Biden will meet in the coming days © Reuters / Benoit Tessier Submarines: Macron and Biden will be in the coming days Paris (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden will meet by phone in the coming days, said Sunday Gabriel Attal, the spokesman of the French Government, after Cancellation by Australia of a French submarine contract.

Francesca Gee, ici le 22 septembre à Paris, est l’autrice de © Joel Saget / AFP Francesca Gee, here on September 22nd in Paris, is the lattice of "the most murderer's weapon".

Francesca Gee, who is one of the accusants of Gabriel Matzneff, comes out a book where she regrets a certain mess. The journalist evokes the survey on the writer for rape on minors.

more than a year and a half of Survey on Gabriel Matzneff for rape on minors , arriving well too late: one of the writers of the writer, Francesca Gee , denounces a certain mess in a book to appear Tuesday, September 28th.

During the publication in January 2020 of the Load of Vanessa Springora , the consent, telling the relationship in the 1980s between the adolescent girl and a man aged nearly fifty years, the parquet of Paris had opened this investigation .

Elections in Russia: Putin's hand parliament, the opposition denounces massive fraud

 Elections in Russia: Putin's hand parliament, the opposition denounces massive fraud © LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin The party of Vladimir Putin, Russia United, wins a victory without surprise to the legislative, for lack of real opposition. LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin results without surprise. In the aftermath of the legislative elections in Russia, the Kremlin Party claimed Sunday a strong majority of two-thirds. For its part, the opposition denounces massive fraud during this ballot of which the main detractors of Vladimir Putin had been excluded.

And he had put large means, reveal Francesca Gee. This former British journalist of Italian origin, who has mainly worked for the Reuters agency in Paris, knows it for having had a relationship with Gabriel Matzneff in adolescence, in the 1970s.

She knew very well this man and his habits. And the officials of the Central Office for Suppression of Violence on People (OCRC) had quickly heard it as a witness. A police officer quoted in his book on Gabriel Matzneff, the most murderous weapon, entrusts him, early 2020: we are eleven in total and three, four, five full-time on this case.

Towards the prescription

from, little news. Francesca Gee only knows that investigators, after having seized among his publishers all the literature published by an aged 85-year-old writer, carry out a work of Benedictine to find any more recent victims of his taste for the less than sixteen Years, as he had entitled a trial of 1974.

COVID-19: The obligation of the port of the mask at the primary school will be adjourned from 4 October

 COVID-19: The obligation of the port of the mask at the primary school will be adjourned from 4 October The obligation of the port of the mask at the primary school will be adjourned from October 4 in the departments the least Affected by the CVIV-19 epidemic, on Wednesday announced the spokesman of the government, but the sanitary pass is for the moment maintained everywhere in France.

They did not find any at this point, indicate the AFP of judicial and police sources. Except for rebounding, the investigation is, due to a prescription, towards a classification without a continuation, intervening in the coming months, according to a source close to the file.

Another source close to the folder specifies that there are still texts to be analyzed. The writer will be heard once this work has been completed, but not custody, unless the investigators find elements to reproach him.

interviewed by AFP, Francesca Gee is not surprised, but sad from this announced denouement. The investigation is enlissed ... it does not surprise me. When I went to testify in Nanterre, I immediately said they would not find a victim.

"dozens" of complaints

I did not expect much from the criminal investigation because I knew very well that it was years either that Matzneff did nothing or, in any case, he did not tell him More, she adds.

San Marino: Historical vote on the legalization of abortion

 San Marino: Historical vote on the legalization of abortion © AFP Q Uranging-three years after the neighboring , the small Republic of San Marino pronounced Sunday, during a Referendum, on the legalization of abortion, a very controversial subject in this micro-state with a strong Catholic tradition. This tiny mountainous enclave in the center of Italian territory is one of the last states of Europe - with Malta , the Andorra and the Vatican - to completely prohibit abortion, even in case of rape. , incest, fetal disease or danger for the mother.

The story of Francesca Gee, autopablish, did not find a publisher. On the operation of Gabriel Matzneff, it gives a useful complement to that of Vanessa Springora at Grasset editions. Neither one nor the other filed a complaint. But there have been multiple complaints, probably dozens. I do not know how much, but a lot of parents filed a complaint, according to the former journalist. And he benefited from supports that for me remain incomprehensible.

Twice, in 1994 and 2004, the one that is defined as a warning launcher attempted to burst the case, presenting manuscripts to publishers. She faced, for reasons that were never done to her, refusal she tells in the murderous weapon.

The decorate story The personality of a man who suffered the opprobrium on the late, but which is still today supported by some jealous patrons of their anonymity. In my opinion, nothing has changed. What has changed for him? He no longer lives in the 5th [Arrondissement of Paris], he lives in Italy, and there are people who pay for that, she stresses.

waste in the sea: elected representatives of Marseille denounce "an ecocide" .
© Nicolas Tucat / AFP The very strong bad weather that fell in Marseille at the beginning of the week resulted in tons of waste at the Mediterranean, which represents , for local elected officials, an "environmental disaster". The municipal elected officials on the left attack Martine Vassal, President LR of the metropolis.

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