US News: The CDU lost Merkel's constituency

Succession of Angela Merkel: Last great television debate between candidates this Sunday

 Succession of Angela Merkel: Last great television debate between candidates this Sunday © EPA / MAXPPP The Campaign Posters of Olaf Scholz (on the left, SPD candidate), Armin Laschet (at the center, CDU) and Annalena Baerbock (right, green). Who of the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, the Conservator Armin Laschet or the Ecologist Annalena Baerbock will win the favors of the voters to become Chancellor during the legislative elections scheduled for September 26th? This Sunday, the three candidates have a last chance to shine in the last big debate of the campaign.

Berlin. The election has not only shifted the power relations in the Bundestag, even in the better anchoring at the base, the SPD has replaced the CDU. In the number of directly chosen deputies, however, the Greens and the AFD were also pleased about strong growth.

 Drei Tage vor der Wahl warb Angela Merkel in Greifswald für Georg Günther als Nachfolger in ihrem Wahlkreis - vergebens. © Stefan Sauer Three days before the election, Angela Merkel in Greifswald for Georg Günther as successor in their constituency - in vain.

How crazually the defeat of the Union has failed in the federal elections, can be recognized by both the significantly changed mandate numbers as well as on the future faces. Representative of the Constitutional Organ Bundestag becomes a member of the History of the Republic to Annemarie Renger (1972) and Wolfgang Thierse (1998) for the third time in the history of the Republic. The reigning Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble from the CDU managed in Offenburg his 14th election in the Bundestag and is allowed to open the new Bundestag in October as with a distance of the Earth Heir. But the strongest fraction is the SPD, which also determines its succession.

Merkel was "self-satisfied": The "Economist" keeps Germany for unreiformable

 Merkel was on the title of the influential "Economist" magazine is Angela Merkel to see in the finish, she wears a heavy, old-fashioned suitcase. Is it a suitcase full of unresolved problems? The special edition of the British-American magazine to the Bundestag election does not save with criticism of her chancellery and paints the future of Germany in rather gloomy colors.

On Rügen, not only the era of the deputy Angela Merkel, which has always been directly elected since 1990, came to an end, the constituency also went to the SPD applicant Anna Kassautzki, CDU candidate Georg Günther failed and initially does not come across the state list in the Bundestag. In NRW, the CDU-prominent Ralph Brinkhaus, Hermann Gröhe, Günter Krings, Anja Karliczek, Friedrich Merz, Jens Spahn and Paul Ziemiak, came directly through the first voice in the Bundestag. But like Hans-Georg Maaßen in Thuringia, Silvia Pantel failed in NRW when trying to collect in parliament. Even Union-exterior Jürgen Hardt did not manage it.

In Saarland, the CDU did not bring a direct mandate anymore, so Nadine nicely did not get there, and Both Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer and Peter Altmaier (Unterlag Heiko Maas) could only move into the reserve list. In Thuringia, Mike Mohring failed and Marco Hiking Wait.

Germany addresses indecisive elections that close the era Merkel

 Germany addresses indecisive elections that close the era Merkel © AFP The unknown after 16 years of stability: the Germany turns Sunday the page Angela Merkel in more indecisive legislative elections than Never who suggests long months of negotiations to form a new government. The departure of Angela Merkel, in power since 2005, opens a new political era. This is the first time since 1949 that the outgoing chancellor does not represent each other.

makes it clear to nameless examples, as the self-confidence of the fractions has changed in their roots in direct electoral will. In the past electoral period, the CDU 184 had direct mandates, now it is only 98. By contrast, the SPD was shrunk to 58 directly recovered constituency holders - and has now grown back to 121. How much the little ones move in individual regions towards folk parties, 16 direct mandates for the Greens becomes clear. Especially in the big cities such as Aachen, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, they were used as the strongest candidate. However, at the AFD, the number of direct mandates to 16 high - in the south of Saxony and southern Thuringia they were almost nationwide in place.

The appearance of the individual factions in the Bundestag will be shaped by your profits and losses. The CDU lost 49 MPs, the CSU one, the AFD has eleven mandates less than in their collection four years ago. Since she had shrunk in the course of the electoral period, it is felt a few deputies left. The left lost its faction status, but could recover because of three recovered direct mandates (including one for Gregor Gysi), but no longer with 69, but only with 39 comrades. The FDP grew by twelve deputies, the Greens around 51 and the SPD by 53.

Angela Merkel in eight video sequences

 Angela Merkel in eight video sequences © Copyright 2021, Obs When Angela Merkel has accessed power, YouTube had just been launched, the iPhone existed only in Steve Jobs's head and the French came Just reject by referendum the draft European Constitution. Sixteen years later, the longevity record at the German Chancellery beaten, it derives its reverence , more popular than ever in Germany. For some, Angela Merkel has even become an Pop icon.

instead of the statutory orientation size of 598 MPs, the 20th German Bundestag has 735 members. It came together 137 seats through overhang and compensation mandates. Thus, despite the small electoral reform there was a renewed increase of 26 mandates. This is not quite as bad as feared, as the Union also absorbed the second voting result. But it increases the pressure on a reorganization of the mandate calculation.

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