US News: Flights, Bagarres and Traffic jams: In the UK, a panic wind due to gasoline scarcity

RER B: A giant failure causes interruption of traffic on the northern line

 RER B: A giant failure causes interruption of traffic on the northern line The resumption of traffic RER B is expected around 20 hours © Aurore MESENGE / AFP Traffic is stopped on the RER B due a giant failure. TRANSPORT - The resumption of traffic RER B is provided to 20 hours Event perspective galley for users RER B. Traffic between Gare du Nord and Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) is interrupted due to a failure of rare magnitude.

La pénurie d'essence a provoqué des scènes de violence dans les stations-services au Royaume-Uni. © Observers The fuel shortage caused scenes of violence in service stations in the United Kingdom .

A gasoline scarcity has been in the United Kingdom since September 24, especially in London and other cities across the country. Service stations were stormed by thousands of users in search of the least liter of fuel, an rush that gave rise to scenes of violence and documented vandalism on social networks.

videos show long waiting lines that can reach several tens of meters in different neighborhoods of London, creating monster traffic jams. As at the Green Road Bounds, a Haringey district avenue on which traffic was at complete stop on Saturday, September 25 "because cars queue on hundreds of meters in both ways to get to the station -Service ", found in a Tweet a user, itself stuck in the queue.

Faced with a shortage of roads, London ready for relaxation

 Faced with a shortage of roads, London ready for relaxation GB-roads: Faced with a road shortage, London ready for relaxation © Reuters / Peter Cziborra Faced with a shortage of roads, London ready for relaxation by Michael Holden London (Reuters) - Great Britain should announce the issuance of temporary visas for road drivers to respond to a shortage of manpower that has resulted in rationals in certain service stations and arouses the Concern among distributors.

The fear of not being able to refuel has pushed some people to get up very early to get gasoline. As she thought she could escape the long queues, a woman was surprised at seven o'clock in the morning a long tail in front of her gas station.

fight between fathers and sons

This fuel stroke also caused scenes of violence. A video showing a fight between four people on the forecourt of a station has been shared several hundred times on Facebook and Twitter. The scene took place on Friday, September 24th on the forecourt of a gas station in the city of Chichester in the south of England. According to several media including the Mirror , it would be two fathers accompanied by their sons who came to his hands as they tailed to get gasoline.

according to The Argus , the police tries to identify the four people involved in the RIX, but no arrest has yet been announced.

British petrol stations goes off the gasoline - Hamster purchases

 British petrol stations goes off the gasoline - Hamster purchases London (Reuters) - the gasoline crisis in the course of a lack of truck drivers in the United Kingdom is tightened. © Reuters Archive: Handwritten signs at a petrol column of a gas station in Manchester, United Kingdom, September 24, 2021. Reuters / Phil NOBLE In some parts of the country, up to 90 percent of the gas stations of the fuel was assumed, said the association of independent gas station operators (PRA ) On Monday with. The government tries to reassure the tense situation.

In another video posted Monday, a man explains that he found the fuel tank of his car emptied with all his content in his absence. The scene would have held the day before: "Normally I close my car to key. She uses diesel. But they forced the opening of the tank and gave it from the bottom to empty all the fuel. They did the same to My neighbor. Be vigilant. "

In the United Kingdom, the gasoline scarcity occurs nearly two years after Brexit. The exit of the United Kingdom of the European Union has caused a lack of 100,000 heavy-weight drivers according to the BBC , which is essential for the supply of service stations, but also supermarkets.

to overcome the lack of fuel, the British government plans to appeal to the army to supply the affected areas hard by the shortage and issuing at least 5,000 exceptional visas lasting three months for European drivers who would like to come or Return to work in the country.

Natural Energy: The largest wind turbine in the world takes operation in Rotterdam on .
in Rotterdam has started the Haliad-X 13 to turn. The turbine makes 14 megawatts. The 260 meter high facility is intended for a wind farm in the North Sea. He should supply six million households. © pr A Haliade X intended in Rotterdam are the turbines of the Haliad platform of General Electric for offshore use on the sea, but the first prototypes are built in the country. In Rotterdam , a Haliad-X 13 now took the operation.

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