US News: CUM-EX searches in Hamburg: "The Razzia Strand Olaf Scholz lies"

minimum wage and coalition plans: So the last TV triple ran in front of the federal election

 minimum wage and coalition plans: So the last TV triple ran in front of the federal election in a single sentence creates no one of them. To get started with the third and last triple before the federal election, Annalena Baerbock, Armin Laschet and Olaf Scholz are said to say in a sentence in the television station per seven on Sunday evening, which distinguishes them from the other two. There will be a whole series of sentences - and you have the first surcharge also all one and the same main topic: climate protection. © Picture Alliance / dpa / ProSieben / Seven.One Olaf Scholz (SPD

The prosecutor is looking for prove why the Warburg-Bank was allowed to keep illegal tax refunds initially. It could be tight for the SPD electoral winner Olaf Scholz.

SPD-Kanzlerkandidat Olaf Scholz verlässt nach der ersten Fraktionssitzung der SPD im neugewählten Bundestag das Gebäude. © dpa SPD Chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz leaves the building after the first faction meeting of the SPD in the newly elected Bundestag.

How much did Olaf Scholz knew? Has the Hamburg Senate and leading SPD politicians took pressure on the tax office there, so that the old-established Warburg-Bank were adopted 47 million euros taxes from CUM-ex-tax tricks? These questions have not been unequivocally clarified.

Now the prosecutor has searched offices on this Tuesday office in the local tax authority and living spaces. In order to escalate the investigations, which ultimately, above all, whether Olaf Scholz has taken influence in this matter in his time as the first mayor of the Hanseatic city. So far, Scholz was able to complement any involvement despite several personal meetings with the former Warburg banker Christian Olearius. But if there is still an influence to days, the Scholz could cost the chancellor's share.

Scholz advertises for changed mobility in the face of climate change

 Scholz advertises for changed mobility in the face of climate change SPD chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz has recruited a few days before the general election for votes for changing mobility in the automotive industry in view of climate change. Technology must always be part of the politics, he said on Tuesday at a campaign appearance from more than 100 followers in Wolfsburg. Laws would have to be changed, so that the change is possible faster than before. "What we do here is ultimately the answer to global climate change." © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA Olaf Sc

Old Comrades

The Razzia is aimed at one of Johannes Kahr's SPD politicians, formerly budgetary spokesman and until his sudden leaving from the Bundestag 2020 one of the most powerful social democrats. On the other hand, the focus is obviously a financial officer who had to do directly with the tax assessment for the Warburg Bank. Finally, a former senator and SPD stripping of the Hanseatic city is also affected. It is about the investigation of the public prosecutor's office Cologne, which processes several Cum ex-procedures with nationwide ramifications to the initial suspicion of favoring.

Under closure

in parallel, a Parliamentary Investigation Committee in Hamburg is currently trying to bring light into the dark of affair. Even the Bundestag dealt with the Hamburg Control Candy in the expired legislative period - where the Financial Committee in the past two weeks struggled violently with the Federal Finance Ministry for the question of whether a meeting protocol with a survey of Finance Minister Scholz in July 2020 should be made public. (You read more here: Scholz 'official black Bundestag protocol - "Case for prosecutor")

Comment on the Bundestag election: In the end it went in the election campaign but still to politics

 Comment on the Bundestag election: In the end it went in the election campaign but still to politics what a choice! Not even half a year ago hardly someone would have thought possible, which can happen politically after that 26th September. Tires without the civic vote, it may already be spoken by a historic wireless sunday. For the first time for decades, the parties for a sustainable majority of all probability will have to close a three-bundry. This complicates government education and requires compromise readiness. Virtues of which the democracy lives.

always there where money stinks

The most recent search in Hamburg shows that there is apparently still true demand. "The Razzia Strand Olaf Scholz lies," says the left financial politician Fabio de Masi. In particular, Scholz 'Secretary of State Wolfgang Schmidt has always publicly claimed, Scholz would be relieved by statements of Hamburg financial officials. But now there is a raid in the central relief tool. The same applies to Kahrs. The former SPD member of parliament is always there, "where money stinks," says De Masi. His job was to lobby with Scholz on behalf of the Warburg Bank.

actually confirmed the Federal Ministry of Finance on the request of the left a few weeks ago that Kahrs had, for example, with the Warburg banker Olearius in the Ministry of Finance with Scholz 'Secretary of State Jörg Kukies. Especially delicate is that Kahrs for the Hamburg SPD a party donation at Olearius a wine. This donation has not overlooked the SPD yet. (For this you read more here: Kukies breakfast with Warburg-Banker Oleregius)

Green Ink

The search of the Hamburg tax authority is apparently also illuminating how the competent financial officer turned its opinion to the Warburg million by 180 degrees. First, the official should have justified on more than two dozen pages, which is why the Bank must repay the refunded capital support taxes from CUM-ex transactions to the tax office. Later, the civil engineer then explained in the opposite comparatively short, why the Treasury rather renounce the millions. There are speculation that Oleregius was then written on the recommendation of Scholz to the then Financial Senator Peter Cetscher, which is now the first mayor. Cetscher should, in turn, have redirected a letter to the tax office with annotations in green ministerial ink.

Razzia in the Austrian Federal Chancellery .
In addition to the Federal Chancellery office in Vienna Offices of the governing party ÖVP and the Ministry of Finance have been searched how media report. The suspicion of the investigator goes towards bribery. © Georg Hochmuth / APA / Picture Alliance The investigators also searched offices at the Vienna Chancellery ÖVP-Vice-General Secretary Gaby Schwarz confirmed the searches in the party headquarters, but without further information.

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