US News: Here is the ranking of the best global and European airlines!

Air pollution: Most European countries beyond

 Air pollution: Most European countries beyond boundaries by taking WHO standards, almost all European countries are beyond annual pollutant limits, warned Tuesday. European Environmental Agency © Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes / File Photo Fine particles, ozone and nitrogen oxides: Despite light improvements, pollutants continue to poison European air often beyond boundaries, warned Tuesday The European Environment Agency (EEA).

The winners of the world companies is awarded by Skytrax. Most of the airlines in top of the list are Asian or the golf course. For the first time, Air France enters the top 10 announces Le Figaro.

Voici le classement des meilleures compagnies aériennes mondiales et européennes ! © iStock Here is the ranking of the best global and European airlines!

Skytrax (an independent British organization) establishes each year, except in 2020, a world ranking of the best airlines since 1999. To establish this palmares, better known as "Oscar of the Aeronautical Industry", no less than 13 million people were interviewed for 23 months, from September to July 2021 reports the Media Le Figaro. This new 2021 edition takes into account the "normal" trips adjusted to certain flights emitted during the coronavirus pandemic.

European companies worried about China's new course

 European companies worried about China's new course Beijing. The leadership in Beijing relies slightly new rules in the private sector. The ranging, but also the rapid advancing foreclosure of the second largest economy will provide great worries. Are the golden years over? © Huang Jingwen The Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a large regulatory campaign. European companies see the new economic class of Chinese leadership with great concern.

To make this assessment, customers had to answer several questions: the quality of the cabin service, the quality of the flight (seat comfort, quality of meals, the selection of audiovisual programs ...), the experience before and after The flight (ease of online booking, waiting time, luggage delivery ...), but also to a questionnaire related to the measures taken by COVID-19.

The Quatar Airways company is considered the best in the world. After being in first position in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019, she did not lose her first place for this year 2021. " This price is the result of the incredible work of the Qatar Airways team and I want to Thank our valuable passengers for their loyalty and appreciation for everything we have offered during the most difficult and uncertain times, without compromising the service and excellence that make the company's renowned worldwide " indicates in a Communiqué The CEO of the company owing more than 200 aircraft with a network of more than 150 commercial and leisure destinations on the five continents specifies Le Figaro.

Top 10 Top World Airlines in 2021

Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines Ana All Nippon Airways Emirates Japan Airlines Cathay Pacific Airways Eva Air Qantas Airways Hainan Airlines Air France

Top 10 Best Airlines in 2021

Air France British Airways Lufthansa Aeroflot Russian Airlines KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Turkish Airlines Swiss International Air Lines Virgin Atlantic Austrian Airlines Finnair

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Lead 2-Poland-Legal Arm Between Warsaw and Brussels .
Poland-EU / Justice (Lead 2, Photo): Lead 2-Poland-Legal Arm Between Warsaw and Brussels (Added Communiqué of the European Commission) by Anna Wlodarczak-Semczuk Warsaw, 7 October (Reuters) - The Polish Constitutional Court found Thursday that some articles of treaties from the European Union were contrary to the constitution of the country, challenging a crucial pan of integration into the Bloc Community and exacerbating the conflict between nationalists in power in Warsaw and Brussels.

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