US News: EU makes rising energy prices for the chief thing

for fear of inflation: IG-Metal boss calls for a "ordinary increase instead of real wage losses"

 for fear of inflation: IG-Metal boss calls for a The unions want to compensate for increasing inflation at the nearest tariff. Threatens a wage price spiral? is still tranquility at the Tariff's direction, but in view of the rapidly rising inflation rate, the unions are under growing pressure to compensate for higher prices with greater pay demands.

The price explosion on energy markets in Europe calls the policy on the plan. France announced a lining of the tariffs for gas and electricity over the winter months.

Die Preisexplosion auf den Energiemärkten in Europa ruft die Politik auf den Plan. © Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez / DPA Central Image / DPA The price explosion on the energy markets in Europe calls the policy on the plan.

The heads of state and leaders of the EU Member States want to discuss the topic at a summit on 21 and 22 October. President Charles Michel set the point in view of the dramatic price increase to the agenda, a spokesman of the European Council had notified on Thursday night. Member States such as Spain require a joint approach to EU level to dampen the increase.

Expensive Timber - Bund holds measures for sufficient

 Expensive Timber - Bund holds measures for sufficient due to massive price increases and possibly longer threaten bottlenecks in case of timber CDU parliamentary parliament of Albert Weiler demands transient export restrictions. The federal government keeps nothing. It still relies on less drastic measures. © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / DPA In order to counteract bottlenecks and massive price increases in timber in Germany, the Thuringian CDU Bundestag MEP maintains temporary export restrictions.

The price of natural gas has risen dramatically in recent months. The gas prices have achieved "historic highs", said the boss of Germany's largest gas importer Uniper, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, before journalists in Dusseldorf. In wholesale, a megawatt hour of gas is now available for delivery in the first quarter of the year for more than 90 euros, a year ago, the price had less than 10 euros. The development is similar to electricity.

It should be expected that energy prices were longer at the high level due to the high demand for world markets. "The gas prices we currently have are a result of a certain concern that it could be scarce in winter," Maubach said overlooking the underlying gas storage in Germany and Europe.

Uniper: Gazprom stops all the contracts An

of the Uniper boss took the Russian energy company Gazprom against allegations in protection, he caused the price increase with a shortage of his deliveries. "The Russians are reliable as in the last 50 years." All contracts would be adhered to. However, Gazprom probably does not deliver out of the agreed quantities. Uniper is the largest Gazprom customer and co-financier of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. Maubach does not expect that the outstanding permits for the Baltic Sea line come so fast that they could help this winter to relax the situation.

Gas: a rise of over 12% of the regulated price to October 1st

 Gas: a rise of over 12% of the regulated price to October 1st regulated tariffs applied by gas Engie will again jump, 12.6% VAT on 1 October in the wake of rising prices on the market. © / Sven-Erik Arndt / Mary Evans / ABACAPRESS.COM regulated tariffs applied by gas Engie will again jump, 12.6% VAT on 1 October in the wake of rising prices on the market, the regulator said Monday.

In the first half of 2021, private households in Germany have come comparatively glimposed by the energy costs after numbers of the Federal Statistical Office. For electricity and gas they had to pay 4.7 percent more than in the second half of last year. The average price for electricity rose by 1.46 cents at 32.62 cents per kilowatt hour, gas completed by 0.29 cents to 6.41 cents per kilowatt hour, the Wiesbaden authority announced on Friday.

Role of VAT

Main reason For the increase, according to statisticians, is the increase in VAT to the original rate of 19 percent at the beginning of the year. In order to boost consumption in the corona crisis, the federal government had reduced the VAT limited from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 to 16 percent. In the natural gas, the CO2 price introduced at the beginning of the year has driven the costs additionally upwards. Also compared to the first half of 2020 the determined average prices rose.

Real Estate: What budget to buy in Rennes?

 Real Estate: What budget to buy in Rennes? © Estheduck / Pixabay Budget-Ville-Rennes Renowned for its quality of life and boosted by a dynamic economy, Rennes has multiple strengths that make it a good city and invest. Located less than two hours from Paris by the LGV, the city of Rennes is hyper connected. His good economic health, his tourist assets, his recognized quality of life make Rennes an large attractive metropolis . Return the medal, the real estate market is in tension, and the prices have flamed in recent years.

In the meantime, the price supply in Germany has accelerated according to market observer. Until the beginning of the heating season, 58 gas founders have already increased their prices or price increases announced, reported the Comparison Portal Check24. On average, the price increases cheat 11.5 percent and accounts for a good 330,000 households. For a model balance with a consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours, the additional costs of an average of 172 euros per year mean. This winter is expected to expect a wave of gas pumping increases.

In France, the gas price is not intended to exceed the winter over until April not the tariffs applicable after an increase from beginning of October. By the end of the year, the electricity price will not be increased, from the beginning of 2022 then at most by four percent, Prime Minister Jean Castex had announced on Thursday night.

A "Super Pinel" in gestation to restart the new housing .
© Shutterstock while it had to see its tax advantage progressively reduced from 2023 and then permanently deleted in 2024, the Pinel device seems. he, not said his last word. At a round table organized at the end of August as part of the program "Inhabiting France of tomorrow", Emmanuelle Wargon , the delegated minister in charge of housing, had suggested that a kind of "Super Pinel" could succeed him . The current tax advantage would then be kept.

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