US News: Turkey Coach Kuntz: About Bundestrainer Job "Designed"

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 A healthy handling of a career is also means doing no want to do Why career want to do if it works differently? Our author holds the concept for outdated - and that's not alone. © Rachel Flores A healthy handling of a career is also means doing not to make A friend of mine has terminated her job - she wants back to the university. On the one hand, because she feels like the research project associated with the promotion, on the other, because she feels, a career in the free economy may not quite the right one.

The new Turkish football national coach Stefan Kuntz has also briefly dealt with the potential succession of Joachim Löw as a national coach.

Trainiert jetzt die Nationalmannschaft der Türkei: Stefan Kuntz. © uncredited / ap / dpa is now training the national team of Turkey: Stefan Kuntz.

«At least the situation was so that one thought once about it," said the former U21 success coach in a picture interview. "After Hansi Flick has become free, that has done herself. I find that Hansi is the perfect choice. That was the logical consequence, "said Kuntz, who had been traded as a candidate for Löw succession.

Just two weeks ago Kuntz had signed a three-year contract as a Turkish selection coach. The 58-year-old was successor to Senol Günes and is said to lead Turkey to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Kuntz led the most important German young talent in three finals, won the EM title in 2017 and 2021.

For a new job as a Bundesliga coach, he lacked the right offer so far. "So far, the club requests nothing was where I had said, I would have to think about it. I have recognized a tendency to the national coach, "said Kuntz.

This brings the week: World Cup qualifier, Bundesliga Summit .
Already on this Monday evening, the German football national team could have the participation in the World Cup in Qatar - for this is a separate victory in Northern Macedonia. © Marcus Brandt / DPA / archive image want to solve the World Cup ticket: Joshua Kimmich and Serge Gnabry. At the weekend, the national players are again demanded in their clubs: In the Bundesliga there is the top game between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich on Sunday.

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