US News: Germany: A SPD leader says a coalition before the end of 2021

final spurts for the general election: the last bid

 final spurts for the general election: the last bid between warnings before left Jusos and Anxiety: with mutual attacks, the election campaign takes the end towards the end. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA Election Posters in Berlin: Battle until the end The last bid It is the day before the general election. An exciting election evening indicates and still at the last meters, the parties promote undecided voters.

Germany-Politics: Germany: A SPD leader says to believe in a coalition before the end 2021

ALLEMAGNE: UN DIRIGEANT DU SPD DIT CROIRE À UNE COALITION AVANT FIN 2021 © Reuters / Pool Germany: a SPD leader says to believe in A coalition before the end of 2021

Berlin (Reuters) - a coalition led by the Social Democrats could form a government in Germany by the end of the year, said one of the leading leaders of the Social Democrat Party (SPD) in An interview published Saturday.

Norbert Walter-Borjans, SPD co-chair, said his party's ability, winner of last Sunday elections, to conclude an agreement with the Greens and the Liberal Democrat Party (FDP) to make sure a parliamentary majority.

"The government should be in place by the end of the year. It's feasible," he said to Welt AM Sonntag, evoking a start of the negotiations this month to conclude them from here December.

Germany chooses a new Bundestag

 Germany chooses a new Bundestag the countdown is running. From 8 o'clock the federal citizens are called to choose a new parliament. The SPD with Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz led in recent surveys just before the Union with its candidate Armin Laschet. © Sascha Steinach / ZB / DPA / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave The output of the choice is considered open and it seems that it will be tight between the two formerly large folk parties SPD and the Union Parties CDU / CSU.

Discussions on the formation of government coalitions usually last several weeks or even several months in Germany. After the legislative elections of September 2017, they extended until March.

exploratory discussions between the SPD on the one hand, the Greens and the FDP on the other, are planned on Sunday.

representatives of the Ecologist Party and the FDP have spoken on their side Friday for the second time since the elections and a FDP leader mentioned "a good atmosphere".

Chancellor Angela Merkel, in position since 2005, plans to leave office once a new government has been trained. His camp, the CUD-CSU Alliance, who recorded last Sunday the worst national score of his story, did not give up to form his own coalition with other parties.

Opinion surveys show that a Coalition led by the SPD has the German preference.

(report Paul Carrel, French version Marc Angrand)

FDP and SPD reaffirm "red lines" .
Berlin. SPD, Greens and FDP continue to speak on Monday about the formation of a traffic light coalition. The FDP emphasizes that there will be no tax increases and no softening of the debt brake with them with a possible alliance. SPD politician Machning calls in his party to unity. © Kay Nietfeld Annalena Baerbock (M), Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens, Olaf Scholz (R, SPD), SPD Chancellor Candidate and Christian Lindner, party chairman of the FDP (archive photo).

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