US News: Taipei denounces Beijing 'harassment' after a new Chinese aerial incursion

Taiwan: Beijing's favorite candidate fails to chair the opposition

 Taiwan: Beijing's favorite candidate fails to chair the opposition © AP - Chiang Ying-ying Éric Chu, (at the center) surrounded by his followers after being elected to the head of the Chinese nationalist party of Kuomintang (KMT ) in Taipei, Saturday, September 25, 2021. The Chinese nationalist party of the Kuomintang, the first opposition party in Taiwan, organized this Saturday the election of his Secretary General. An old party figure finally took away from a favorable candidate for "unification" with China.

Avion chasseur chinois J-16, photographié par l'armée taïwanaise, © AP Chinese hunter aircraft J-16, photographed by the Taiwanese army,

a record number of Chinese military aircraft came from Friday 1st October to Doors of Taiwanese airspace. The maneuver is part of a context of growing threats from Beijing to Taiwan, autonomous and democratic archipelago of 24 million people claimed by China.

with our correspondent in Taipei, Adrien Simorre

38 aircraft, including two bombers capable of carrying the nuclear weapon. It is the number of Chinese military devices identified, this Friday, by the Taiwanese army in its air identification space.

A record number that Beijing did not commented, but immediately attracted the wrath of the Taipei government.

Airshow China: Beijing shows its aeronautical ambition and its military power

 Airshow China: Beijing shows its aeronautical ambition and its military power © AFP - CHRIST CH-6 drone is seen the day before the 13th International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition of China in Zhuhai, in the Province of Guangdong, September 27, 2021. The Zhuhai Show, biggest appointments for Aeronautics and Space players in China, starts on Tuesday in the southern country in a still uncertain health context, but Beijing want to display its presence and ambition in this area. This year again, the world salon agenda is turned on with sanitary uncertainty.

This is a "bellicose" act in a "harassment" strategy of Beijing, so denounced this morning the Taiwanese Prime Minister.

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dissatisfaction of Beijing

These Chinese maneuvers have become almost daily since the re-election of the President Tsai Ing-Wen in January 2020. As the Majority of Taiwanese, the leader categorically rejects Chinese claims.

Since then, Beijing uses these incursions to express its discontent or on the occasion of symbolic dates, like this October 1, the day of the Chinese National Day.

The last air incursion record went back to June 15, with the passage of 28 Chinese aircraft. The day before, the G7 countries had emphasized "the importance of peace and stability in the Strait of Taiwan".

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Taiwan will not yield to China's pressure, says President Tsai Ing-Wen .
© - Chiang Ying-Ying Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen, during his speech on the occasion of the National Day, at Taipei on October 10, 2021. The country of 24 million people claimed by China celebrated this Sunday, October 10th, its national holiday. Festivities that take place at a time of maximum voltages between Beijing and Taipei. "No one can force Taiwan to take the path that China has drawn for us," said the president, saying that the island is "on the front line to defend democracy".

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