US News: Queenpins (premium video): the true story of a reduction coupon fraud

Russia: In Moscow, demonstration to denounce "massive fraud" to the Legislative

 Russia: In Moscow, demonstration to denounce © Alexei Druzhinin / Sputnik / AFP during the events, Vladimir Putin met with the heads of the five parties who won seats in Parliament. corresponding to Moscow initially, it had to be an " encounter with elected ", formulas commonly invoked to organize an unauthorized manifestation.

Queenpins (Prime Video) : l'histoire vraie d'une fraude aux coupons de réduction à 40 millions de dollars © Amazon Prime Video Queen (Video Prime): the true story of a discount coupon fraud $ 40 million

Kristen Bell, Queen of the Coupon Scam in a crazy comedy. Queenpins, available on the Prime Video platform, inspired by a true rocambolesque story. Queenpins ((literally "Baronnes"), to discover on the Platform Prime Video , highlights two desperate housewives. Connie ( Kristen Bell The heroine of the Veronica series Mars ) Nooie His sorrow in the coupons she collects with ardor, thinking saving money to the household, while it only accumulates useless purchases. His girlfriend Jo-Jo ( Kirby Howell-Baptiste View In Cruella

How will the national tribute be held at Maxime Blasco, died French soldier in Mali?

 How will the national tribute be held at Maxime Blasco, died French soldier in Mali? © State Major / AFP The French soldier Maxime Blasco lost his life Friday, September 24 in Mali during an operation against jihadists. The Elysee announced Tuesday that a tribute will be made on Wednesday afternoon to the invalids, before another tribute by his brothers of arms of the 7th Battalion of Alpine Hunters.

) is obliged to chain the little jobs since it was stuck because of the person who usurped his identity. Living at his mother and at the head of a YouTube channel where she provides advice In all kinds, she tries to get away from it.

together, they decide to ride a very juicy business, but not really legal. They bring from a printing house in Mexico hundreds of real fake coupons - offering Free baby diapers, toilet paper rolls e or packets of cereals - that they havete to resell online. Quickly overwhelmed by success, rosquers must become professional. But their small business attracts Ken Miller's attention, an employee of a large chain of supermarkets who wants to unmask fraudesuses.

a business at $ 40 million

This case-on film that tells how two housewives have set up a $ 40 million scam is inspired by a true story, which took place in the early 2010s. Police From Phoenix, Arizona, announced the arrest of three women after confiscating more than $ 25 million of fake coupons during a raid. The authorities also seized 22 assault weapons and 21 vehicles, and an outboard, during the RAID. While the film focuses on two women, there were three at the heart of the real coupon ring. Robin Ramirez, 40, headed the group, which included Marilyn Johnson, 54, and Amiko "Amy" Fountain, 42 years old. Together, they have created a good counterfeiting cartel and soon found themselves at the head of a real fortune amounting to $ 40 million ...

Infiltrated police officers interrogated by a local TV, Sergeant David Lake of the department Phoenix Police said: " opulence and money were the equivalent of tips of the cartel type of the

visas crisis: Algeria summons the French ambassador 2021, the Obs

 visas crisis: Algeria summons the French ambassador 2021, the Obs the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs convened this Wednesday 29 September the French ambassador to protest against the decision of Paris to reduce the number of visas granted to Algerian nationals, according to an official communiqué.

drug. Forty companies had filed complaints for fraud, alerting the Coupon Information Corporation and the local police. The survey lasted eight weeks, during which the agents went on for clients buying counterfeit coupons. After their arrest, the head of the gang was sentenced to 24 months in prison and seven years of probation and two accomplices at 3 years of probation. Women also had to pay to Procter & Gamble more than $ 1.2 million.

Coupon scam was presented in the documentary series on CBS Pink Col Crimes (2018). Queenpins proposes a wacky approach in a comedy removed, produced by Ben Stiller

and taken away by Kirsten Bell, to the impressive slaughter X1

reduction of EU funds: EU MEPs make the Leyen Print .
the EU Commission hesitates with the legal mechanism that enables the reduction of EU funds. That's why a lawsuit of Parliament threatens now. © Photo: Zhang Cheng / dpa The EU Members expect from the Commission's fuss from the Leyen that they set procedures for the reduction of EU funds. The European Parliament has moved closer in dispute over the rule of law in the EU to a possible action against the EU Commission.

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