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US News: rise in real estate prices: the revenge of the territories

Gas: a rise of over 12% of the regulated price to October 1st

 Gas: a rise of over 12% of the regulated price to October 1st regulated tariffs applied by gas Engie will again jump, 12.6% VAT on 1 October in the wake of rising prices on the market. © / Sven-Erik Arndt / Mary Evans / ABACAPRESS.COM regulated tariffs applied by gas Engie will again jump, 12.6% VAT on 1 October in the wake of rising prices on the market, the regulator said Monday.

The pandemic has upset the location of the rise in real estate prices. The large agglomerations are no longer the motors of the market.

  Hausse des prix de l'immobilier : la revanche des territoires © Dr.

between Île-de-France and the other regions, the increase in the value of old housing still does not follow the same pace, except that, now It is the province that records the strongest increases. Thibault Rémy, President of the top-line estimation site Best agents, notes this change of trend: "The time when Paris and the ten most important demographic metropolises were the only locomotives of rising tariffs seems to be over.

For the national level, the prices had increased by 5.9% on average over one year, according to the data published by INSEE and the notaries, with a flight of 7% in the province against 3 , 1% in Île-de-France. "COVID-19 requires, it is now peri-urban rural areas, under the economic influence of large cities, and areas of second home residences that see their attractiveness. Price increases, exceptional, reach 9.7% and 9.4% over one year, while the most rural communes remain, more and more withdrawal, with a gain of 1.7%, "continues Thibault. Rémy.

Tourism: A French platform launched to book its hobbies

 Tourism: A French platform launched to book its hobbies © XavieraNau / Getty Images The surrounding platform offers travelers a tourist catalog near their hotel, cottage or campsite, bookable on smartphone. finished Leaflets gleaned at the Tourist Office: Launched Thursday, the surrounding platform offers travelers a catalog of leisure activities close to their hotel, cottage or campsite, bookable on smartphone, announced Thursday the Bank of the Territories. "We took in figure 15 years ago The TripAdvisor revolution, then ten years ago

With the exception of Paris, large cities see all their prices continue to increase

the new real estate geography that is therefore at the expense of big cities. With the exception of Paris (read below), they see all their prices continue to increase, but more moderately (+ 4.1% on average). A dismantle of the great centers that enjoys large suburbs such as medium cities, acclaimed for their home offering. For the moment, the announced massive urban exodus did not take place, as I see Me Peggy Montesinos, a member of the Office of the Supreme Council of Notaries (CSN): "The Francilian departures are above all to neighboring areas (from Paris to the Great Crown). The inhabitants of the Rhone are also more numerous to settle in Ain, Isère or Loire. Moreover, in the second half of 2020, we found that the French had left their department of origin than the previous year.

Real Estate in Paris. The historic bar of 15 000 € / m2 Franchie in the borough life?

 Real Estate in Paris. The historic bar of 15 000 € / m2 Franchie in the borough life? © Infographic / West France The borough life is by far the most expensive district of the capital with a M2 price that exceeds € 15,000. The price of the M2 in the most expensive borough of Paris would have reached the mark of the 15 000 €, according to a study of the website to stay. Life, composed of Luxembourg neighborhoods, Odeon, currency and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, would therefore hold the absolute record in the capital. On the ground, real estate agents emit some reservations.

No expert is still valued at the duration of this phenomenon, but Loïc Cantin, Assistant President of the FNAIM, already detects "a rejection of densification, aroused by the sanitary crisis, revealing a new conduct of the French Faced with the stone ", and even a" revenge of territories abandoned by public policies ". Until now. 

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Paris Lasting

Never-Vu. While prices have made progress over the last twelve months in Île-de-France, they fell in Paris Intra-Muros. According to better agents, they decrease 1.5%. The trend concerns almost all the boroughs, the most affected being the VE (- 4.3%), where the price of the square meter culminates all the same at € 13,164. The Grand Crown (Essonne, Seine-et-Marne, Val-d'Oise, Yvelines) saw its prices flying from 8.3% between March 2020 and August 2021. In this post-confinement period, the Houses tear off, with sales that are done at the fixed price, without negotiation. The small crown (Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne) does not escape the influx of new buyers, with a value of the property that appreciated by 5.3 %. But the capital may not have said his last word; The notaries of Greater Paris already observe the beginnings of a recovery on the price of housing. The prospect of seeing the city light Ironing in the medium term under the bar of the 10 000 € The square meter moves away, confirms Thibault Rémy, President of better agents: "It would require why prices are wrestling a new decline of order 5%, which is unlikely. Especially since buyers are still present.

High energy prices: At the gas station you can read how dramatically the situation is .
The EU presents a package of measures to protect citizens from high energy prices. That arises elsewhere desires. © Carsten KOALL / DPA Top Open Prices: This expected the motorists last at the gas stations. The high and still rising energy prices make consumers and politics continue to create. At the political level, a package of measures was presented on Wednesday in Brussels. The EU Commission proposed Member States numerous instruments against the significant increase in energy prices.

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