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US News: Togo: Cybermencers tried to spy on a human rights defender, according to Amnesty

Chile: vote of a law protecting the "Neurodroits" or brain rights

 Chile: vote of a law protecting the © Fred Tanneau Image of a human brain taken by positron emission tomography (TEP Scan) in a hospital of Brest, France, in France, January 2019 The Chamber of Deputies in Chile approved Wednesday a law on "Neurodroits" or brain rights, becoming the first country in the world to legislate on neotechnology. This bill, already voted unanimously in the Senate, could be the basis for future human rights jurisprudence in the face of advances in technologies applied to mind and brain.

Vue aérienne de Lomé au Togo. © AFP - Yanick Folly Aerial view of Lomé in Togo.

Without revealing the name of the activist concerned for security reasons, the Amnesty Technology Expert Team asserts to prove the links between the software used, a group of computer hackers and an Indian company.

At the end of 2019, early 2020, while Togo prepares for a presidential election, the human rights defender receives several suspect messages on WhatsApp, asking him to download an application.

The Amnesty team, which is part of Etienne Maynier, analyzes the data and discovers a spyware belonging to the panoply of the tools used by a group of cybermercenaries, Donot Team.

Case Pegasus: The Israeli company NSO calls for an international regulation of the espionage technology sector

 Case Pegasus: The Israeli company NSO calls for an international regulation of the espionage technology sector Israeli society found itself this summer at the heart of the Pegasus scandal, of the name of its software that would have served to spy on journalists, Politicians or militants from different countries © Joel Saget / AFP The software allows to remotely access messages but also activate the microphone of the phone.

"This name has been given by the cybersecurity industry to a group that has been conducting attacks for several years, explains Étienne Maynier. These attacks exactly correspond to what other organizations, other computer security companies have identified as belonging to Donot Team. »

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Little judicial investigations

for which customer and in exchange for what pirates have attempted to break In the human rights defender telephone? Amnesty ignores him. But the NGO is connected with an Indian company, Innefu Lab, which sells cybersecurity services to governments and businesses.

"It is clearly asked to clearly innefu clarifications and the Indian government is also asked to conduct an investigation, insists of Mayor. So, it is also necessary that the Togolese government will make all the necessary investigations to see if there has been an involvement of the authorities, but also to ensure that attacks like these are not possible through legislation for Protect these people from similar attacks.

The multiplication of actors and the shortcomings of law concern Amnesty in the face of recent development in recent years of this phenomenon of cybermercenaries. Because even when evidence of attacks are advanced, very little judicial inquiry then are carried out.

Remember that Togo has also been cited in revelations regarding the use of the Israeli Enterprise spy software NSO.

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