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US News: environmental associations and government demand measures for species protection

Deforestation: the Colombian Amazon knows an "unprecedented crisis", according to a report

 Deforestation: the Colombian Amazon knows an the Colombian Amazon "faces an unprecedented environmental and security crisis that puts the advocates of the environment in great danger," according to a Report © Fernando Bizera Jr./EFE/SIPA; An area of ​​the Amazon victim of deforestation.

Kunming. The massive loss of biodiversity threatens the livelihoods of the people. The UN Biodiversity Conference should advise a new strategy. But ranges the political will for ambitious goals?

 ei Bienen denkt fast jeder erstmal an die Honigbiene. Doch gerade die weniger bekannten Wildbienen sind gefährdet. © Patrick Pleul egg bees thinks almost everyone first to the honeybee. But just the lesser-known wild bees are endangered.

From the UN World Nature Protection Conference next week in China, the German Federal Government and Environmental Associations have challenged measures to protect the global protection of biodiversity. All states would have to show "more ambition and political will", said Florian Titze from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on Sunday of the German Press Agency. The goals of the world community to be agreed "must be able to stop and reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030". So the World Biodiversity Council warns of the extinction of one million species in the next ten years.

NGOs call for strengthening the protection of Antarctica

 NGOs call for strengthening the protection of Antarctica © Adélie's penguins on March 2, 2018 on an iceberg of the islands danger, in Antarctica A dozen NGOs have given to the Spanish government a petition calling to strengthen antarctic environmental protection provided for by the Treaty of Madrid, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on Monday.

Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller demanded that the world community must finally move to a strand. "In the coming months, a breakthrough with species protection must succeed as the Parisian Climate Agreement for Climate Protection," said the CSU politician's newspapers of the Funke Media Group. "Because we do not have time to lose." He expects China as hosts a leadership role.

of the species protection is also prevalent in his words also prevention against new pandemics: "The more natural habitats are destroyed, the greater the risk that more viruses from the animal skip on humans and severe diseases Trigger. "It is necessary to provide 30 percent of the land and sea space under protection. "But we are miles away: So far, only eight percent of the marine and 17 percent of all land areas are protected."

Rennes. The trial of Patrick Henry was replayed for the 40 years of the abolition of the death penalty

 Rennes. The trial of Patrick Henry was replayed for the 40 years of the abolition of the death penalty © West-France The accused Patrick Henry, played by the student Thomas Nicolas. In the foreground, his defense, played by Master Kevin Descamps-Guézou and the Student Anaïs Vial. The Trial of Patrick Henry was reconstituted forty-four years later. The Awakening Association replayed it, Monday, October 4, 2021, to the Court of Appeal of Rennes as part of the night of law. Monday, October 4, 2021, the Student Association Watching, Rennes 1, organized the "fictitious" trial of Patrick Henry.

also the industrialized countries should double their means for obtaining biodiversity in poorer countries, called Müller. With the World Trade Organization (WTO) minimum standards for "deforestation-free supply chains" would have to be anchored. "In Rotterdam or Hamburg, no ship should create more, which brings to us palm oil and soy products from non-certified production."

The nearly 200 Contracting States of the UN Convention for Biodiversity (CBD) come from Monday to Friday in southwestern Chinese Kunming A meeting organized online (COP15) with some participants from China on site. They want to advise on a new framework agreement - comparable to the Paris Climate Agreement. The conference was planned in October 2020, but was moved and split because of the pandemic.

on the meeting next week follow in January negotiations in Switzerland before the strategy should be adopted in a presence meeting from 25 April to 8 May again in Kunming. "Healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are systemically relevant," warned WWF expert titze. "They are the basis for our prosperity, our well-being, our diet and our health." They guaranteed clean air, drinking water, growing soils, a stable climate and resistance to natural disasters.

The Convention is "crucial," Morgan Gillespy said from the Resources Institute. "We rely on biodiversity to regulate the environment and maintain a habitable planet." The meeting was largely ceremonious, but the heads of state and government here determined the goals and financing for the next decade. "We need a strong global set of rules."

The COP15 meeting is the first major UN event since the 1995 World Women's Conference, in which China holds the presidency again. The only concrete result is to be adopted a "explanation of Kunming". "The quality of this document will be a test for Chinese environmental diplomacy - as well as for the general political desire of the other world after a successful and strong plan to protect biodiversity after 2020," said Li Shuo by Greenpeace China.

according to DFL resignation: Peters wants DFB president .
DFL Supervisory Board Peter Peters has announced his resignation of this post. Background: The 59-year-old wants to run the next Bundestag on March 11, 2022 for the Vacant Office of the DFB President. © Thomas Boecker / DFB Via Eibber / Sascha Walther on him could follow Hans-Joachim Watzke: the outgoing DFL Supervisory Board Peter Peters. The wishfolder is called Watzke Since the disposal of ex-President Fritz Keller, the nominal Vice Presidents Peter Peters and Dr. Ing.

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