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US News: Brazil's winery rips in Colombia, Argentina rolled over Uruguay

Brazil: a carnival of Rio without social distancing in 2022?

 Brazil: a carnival of Rio without social distancing in 2022? © Julien Sarboraria Brazil: A carnival of Rio without social distancing in 2022? This is the time to take stock of the latest future measures and developments regarding COVID-19 in the world, with famous events that could resume as before the pandemic. At the heart of the fourth wave and the delta variant, new measures and highlights arise on the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world.

Rio de Janeiro (SID) - Brazil and Argentina stay on the way to the football World Cup final round 2022 in Qatar the measure of all things in South America Eliminatorias. Although there was a first damper for the Selecao after nine wins in the ongoing qualification on the 0-0 in Colombia, but the leader suspended with 28 points can only follow Copa-America winner Argentina (22), which in the classic Uruguay a 3: 0 (2: 0) discharge issued.

Messi brachte Argentinien in Führung © AFP / Sid / Alejandro Pagni Messi brought Argentina in the lead

behind the duo let the teams on the ranks three to seven without victory feathers, so that is the race for two more direct sites with seven outstanding game rounds more open than ever - also because The table trims Ecuador (16) calculated at the bottom of Venezuela with 1: 2 (1: 1) patzte and thus remains with the urus.

Golden Ball: The complete list of 30 names

 Golden Ball: The complete list of 30 names France Football communicated this Friday the list of 30 names named for this 2021 edition of the Golden Ball. Will Lionel Messi keep his gold balloon on November 29th, on the occasion of the ceremony organized by France Football? The countdown begins. This Friday, the French monthly has communicated the list of 30 names named for this vintage 2021.

The slip-up used Chile, which with now ten points in place thanks to a 2-0 (0: 0) against Paraguay, the gap could close a little. Ben Brereton (68.) and Mauricio Isla (72nd) ended La Roja's thirst trail from last eight performances without victory. The Leverkusen Charles Aranguiz (74th) saw at the home owners the red card, Omar Alderete (89th) with the guests yellow-red.

with the zero number in Barranquilla Cross Brazil series series of cross-qualified ten wins. After all, the Selecao, at which Superstar Neymar looked uninspired to the selected yellow barrier, was unbeaten in the 13th World Cup qualifier against Colombia. At the same time, the Frankfurt Rafael Borre had almost cheered the Cafeteros with the last action of the injection time, his shot freestanding from the penalty area lacked the goal.

migrants: 19,000 children crossed the jungle between Colombia and Panama in 2021

 migrants: 19,000 children crossed the jungle between Colombia and Panama in 2021 The area is a "most dangerous places for migrants trying to join North America," recalls UNICEF. © Raul Arboleda / AFP The Jungle of the Darien, on the border between Colombia and Panama, is borrowed despite the danger by many migrants with children, eager to reach the United States.

in Buenos Aires opened Captain Lionel Messi with a curious gate in the 38th minute the shooting festival. Being as a passport heifer took home to friend and enemy passing the way to the net. Due to its chances of Luis Suarez before, Rodrigo de Paul (44.) and Lautaro Martinez (62nd) had the sixth home win in a row in World Cup qualifiers against the rivals under "Ole" calls. Bayer Leverkusens Exequiel Palacios was allowed to participate in the final quarter-hour for the reigning South America champion.

The catch gambling day of the fifth round fifth round fifth round had opened the table penultimate bolivia with a 1-0 (0: 0) against Peru. On Thursday, among other things, the classic Brazil against Uruguay continues.

Real Madrid: "Then I began to cry": Why di Maria a letter from Real Torn .
before the World Cup final 2014 plagued Angel Di Maria's worries about his injury. And then a letter came from his club. © Provided by Spox Angel di Maria was plagued by an injury on the day of the World Cup final and then also a letter from Real Madrid came. It should have been the greatest day in his life. World Cup final, Argentina against Germany. But instead of anticipation Angel di Maria was full of skepticism in the morning of that 13th of July 2014.

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