US News: FDP and SPD reaffirm "red lines"

Germany: A SPD leader says a coalition before the end of 2021

 Germany: A SPD leader says a coalition before the end of 2021 Germany-Politics: Germany: A SPD leader says to believe in a coalition before the end 2021 © Reuters / Pool Germany: a SPD leader says to believe in A coalition before the end of 2021 Berlin (Reuters) - a coalition led by the Social Democrats could form a government in Germany by the end of the year, said one of the leading leaders of the Social Democrat Party (SPD) in An interview published Saturday.

Berlin. SPD, Greens and FDP continue to speak on Monday about the formation of a traffic light coalition. The FDP emphasizes that there will be no tax increases and no softening of the debt brake with them with a possible alliance. SPD politician Machning calls in his party to unity.

 Annalena Baerbock (M), Bundesvorsitzende von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Olaf Scholz (r, SPD), SPD-Kanzlerkandidat und Christian Lindner, Parteivorsitzender der FDP (Archivfoto). © Kay Nietfeld Annalena Baerbock (M), Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens, Olaf Scholz (R, SPD), SPD Chancellor Candidate and Christian Lindner, party chairman of the FDP (archive photo).

Before the exploratory calls between SPD, Greens and FDP to form a traffic light coalition, the Parliamentary Managing Director of the FDP Bundestag Faction, Marco Buschmann, affirms the framework conditions of Liberals for a possible alliance. "The red lines of the FDP are known: no tax increases and no softening of the debt brake of our Basic Law," said Buschmann the "mirror". There are also "other friction areas", but all three parties are "ambitious".

Super exploratory sausage in celebration daily Berlin

 Super exploratory sausage in celebration daily Berlin SPD / FDP, SPD / GREEN, Union / FDP: The parties use the uniform day to talk in several rounds about so much connecting, that in the end a three-person coalition jumps out - or not. © Provided by Deutsche Wave SPD Chancellor Candidate Olaf Scholz; FDP boss Christian Lindner and the Green Co-Chair Annalena Baerbock One week after the federal election, the wrestling comes in a new government alliance.

"Whether friction energy is created for a pulse forward, the conversations must show," he said to the magazine. So far, everything "very seriously and professionally" run. All involved is clear: "It's about our country," said the FDP politician.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of the SPD Economic Forum, Matthias Machnig, called his party to stand closing behind top candidate Olaf Scholz during the explodations. "Without unity, there is no success," he said the "Wirtschaftswoche". "Scholz is now the authority in the party," Stressed Machnig. "Everyone would be very well advised to scratch this authority". There should be no "profiling competition" in the talks: "The art is that later all have to feel as winners".

SPD and FDP came together

 SPD and FDP came together SPD and FDP have come together on Sunday in Berlin for a first exploration talk after the general election together to explore opportunities for joint government participation. Participation in the SPD, among other things, Chancellor's candidate Olaf Scholz and the party lit with the chairman Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans were involved. For the FDP negotiated, among other party Christian Lindner and Secretary-General Volker Wissing.

SPD vice Kevin Kühnert expects that SPD, GREEN and FDP will agree on a coalition agreement this year. "I'm very tight of that," said the former Juso boss on Monday in the Ard "Morgenmagazin". "The talks have now started well, very confidently. There is nothing outward. This is an important foundation so that it goes zackig. "Now it goes in recessed probing, hopefully in coalition talks. He hopes that you will soon be on the destination straight.

Video: FDP draws red lines for allies (GLOMEX)

boldly showed confident that there is a sufficient base for cooperation. Also in household and fiscal policy, one of the biggest sticking points in the traffic light talks, awaits boldly compromise readiness. Here, seriously have to be clarified, as the take-in and issue situation of the state and a fair tax system should look like. "There is certainly a lot of route to go," said boldly. "I suspect that all a bit of your viewpoints have to take away. Thus, this is just in negotiations in democracy. "

traffic light probes and half resignation

 traffic light probes and half resignation After the first probing to form a traffic light coalition in the Covenant, SPD, GREEN and FDP have drawn a positive conclusion - it is further negotiated. CDU boss Armin Laschet announced his possible retreat. © Frederic Kern / Geisler-Fotopress / Picture Alliance The Secretary-General Volker Wissing (FDP), Lars Klingbeil (SPD) and Green Federal Building Guide Michael Kellner (VLNR) After the talks, the generals of the three parties gave themselves optimistic about the further course The talks.

Four days after your first meeting in trier format, SPD, GREEN and FDP want to get in" in-depth probing "for the formation of a traffic light coalition on Monday. For the conversation they have agreed confidentiality. At the weekend, politicians of Greens and FDP referred to serious political differences - for example in fiscal policy. The "traffic light" is "not in dry cloths for a long time," said about Greens boss Robert Habeck. In the CDU, however, there are displeasure about the Liberals, who had given the SPD preference to the Union. "The FDP must not become a stirrup holder from SPD and Greens," said Hamburg's CDU boss Christoph Ploß the magazine. "Tax increases or the way to a European Transfer Union would be poison for the business location Germany and the recovery after the Corona Crise".

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