US News: human rights in Afghanistan at the center of discussions between Taliban and the United States

Life in Afghanistan under the new order of the Taliban in twenty images

 Life in Afghanistan under the new order of the Taliban in twenty images The Afghans are trying to survive in a country with a serious economic crisis while Taliban troops discover civilian life. A month and a half after the fall of Kabul, life in Afghanistan resumed its course under the new order of the Taliban. After twenty years of combat, the former insurgents realize that it will be less easy to manage a country of 36 million people than to lead an insurrection to victory. The economy and the banking system are always stopped.

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An American delegation went to doha at Qatar during the weekend for discussions "Focused on the safety problems, of terrorism and on the safety of travel of American citizens, other foreign nationals and our Afghan partners," said Ned Price, the spokesman for the US State Department.

Among the topics covered: the " Human Rights , particularly the participation women and girls at all levels of Afghan society" but also "the provision of consequent humanitarian aid from the United States, directly directed to the Afghan people. »

" The Taliban will be judged on their actions »

fight for Kabul: Taliban attack is fighters after bomb attack

 fight for Kabul: Taliban attack is fighters after bomb attack a few hours after a stop on a funeral in the Afghan capital Kabul, units of militant-Islamist Taliban fighters of the terroreseiliz Islamic state (IS) attacked. Terrorists of a so-called sleeper cell of Is-Khorasan - as the IS names in Afghanistan and Pakistan - were caught in a house in Kabul, Taliban member Muhammad Jalal wrote in the night of Monday on Twitter. Three IS terrorists were "neutralized" by their own explosives belt.

Video: Afghanistan: The UN calls for dialogue with the Taliban to facilitate humanitarian aid (France 24)

according to states -Inis , the exchanges were "francs and professionals" and the US officials reaffirmed that "the Taliban will be judged on their actions, not just about their words."

At the edge of a serious humanitarian crisis with a third of the Afghan population threatened with famine, according to the United Nations, the Taliban are a little at the foot of the wall. They seek both to obtain recognition of the international community but also assistance to avoid disaster in the country. Since their arrival in power, Afghanistan remains economically paralyzed because of the immediate freeze of all assets in the country and international aid that maintain the country under infusion.

explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: at least 55 dead and 140 wounded

 explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: at least 55 dead and 140 wounded © provided by the Parisian the Parisian at least 55 people were killed and 140 wounded in the explosion on Friday a Shiite mosque of the city of the city of Kunduz, in northeastern Afghanistan, said a local NGO doctors without borders (MSF). The murderer explosion is a suicide bombing, said Matiullah Rohani, Taliban government regional manager in charge of culture and information.

Video. "A woman without hijab is like a sliced ​​melon": The comparison of a Taliban leader the disturbance

to do not arrange, the country is more regularly struck by murderer attacks, especially claimed by Daesh . Thus, on Monday, while an attack has made more than fifty deaths a few days ago in a mosque of Kabul , the United States and the United Kingdom ask their nationals to leave the hotels of the capital Because they would be subject to "safe threats" .

Kabul: journalists struck by Taliban during a manifestation of women .
© bullent kilic a Taliban attack a foreign photographer reporter covering a demonstration of women, on October 21, 2021 in Kabul Several journalists were struck by the Taliban To prevent the cover of a demonstration of women Thursday in the city center of Kabul. This group of twenty women was exceptionally paid in the center of Kabul for more than an hour and a half to defend their right to study and work, without being stopped or struck by the Taliban present.

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