US News: Ouwejan is Schalke's driving force

Egypt: Women driving make the buzz on social networks

 Egypt: Women driving make the buzz on social networks © Dr. The first woman officially drunken in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa is Abbassia Ahmad Farghali. Abbassia who has obtained his Egyptian driving license in 1929 in Alexandria. in Egypt, the mockery concerning the "harem conduct" that is to say the conduct of women have become a style exercise. A viral phenomenon that did not leave women without resources. On the contrary! The trend started in Saudi Arabia. Until very recently women did not have the right to drive.

next to Simon Terodde and Marius Bülter there is still a player, which is offensive to a very driving force: Thomas Ouwejan shines in several areas with best values.

Schalkes Thomas Ouwejan hat die mit Abstand meisten Torschussvorlagen der Liga. © Imago Images / Sven Simon Schalke Thomas Ouwejan has the distance from the league of the league.

by far Most Torchum Templates of the League

Marco Terrazzino has set up Most goals most goals - ten at the number, all at times in the VfL Bochum. Then Dominick Drexler is followed by nine assists, eight at the 1st FC Cologne and one at Schalke 04. "I have the impression that something similar is created with Thomas Ouwejan on Schalke," says Terodde in the four-sided kicker interview ( Monday edition). "I quickly realized that he has a fantastic left foot."

Mali: the Commander of Barkhane speaks of "close collaboration" with the Malian army

 Mali: the Commander of Barkhane speaks of © Ludovic Marin The emblem of the French Audijihadist for the Sahel Barkhane, on the uniform of a soldier in Niamey, the 22 December 2017. The reconfiguration of the French military presence in northern Mali does "in close collaboration" with the Malian forces, said Tuesday the commander of the Barkhane force after interviews with the Malian military in a qualified atmosphere of "Good" on both sides.

Undoubtedly, Ouwejan also has its share of the Schalke upswing. With 34 Goal Shotguns, the Dutchman is not only LIGNAIT, by far in this discipline, but also has four direct assists in the account - only St. Paulis Daniel-Kofi Kyereh (7) and Dusseldorf Khaled Narey (6) come on more . At the 3-0 in Kiel Terodde equal to two precise free-kick flanks Ouwejans followed in the recent two games in Rostock (2: 0) and against Ingolstadt (3: 0) two more templates - once out of the game out (scorer Terodde) Once with a corner that acorned Aydin by artful kung-Fu shot.

Possible that Ouwejan becomes one of the three most successful S04 templates of the past ten years. The top three are currently his compatriot Klaas Jan Huntelaar (13 assists in the season 2011/12), Daniel Caligiuri (10, 2017/18) and Eight Max Meyer (2015/16) and Jefferson Farfan (2013/14).

The 95 percent driving assistance technology - GM Ultra Cruise

 The 95 percent driving assistance technology - GM Ultra Cruise The US carmaker GM introduces a new assistance system on the way to autonomous driving with Ultra Cruise. © GM GM Announces to be able to drive with the new Ultra Cruise system on all asphalted streets in the US and Canada from 2023 autonomous. The new driving assistance system, which can complete 95 percent of all driving scenarios completely independently, should initially be only in the premium models of the car manufacturer from 2023. The cheaper series will continue with Super Cruise.

Only Kaminski comes on more use times

Ouwejan, Schalke's best scorer behind Terodde (11 goals, 2 templates) and Marius Bülter (3 goals, 3 templates), is a real tread burner. So far, he has been replaced first: last against Ingolstadt after 84 minutes. Only center-back Marcin Kaminski currently comes in the team for even more use.

The Ouwejan borrowed from AZ Alkmaar to seasonal ends, for which Schalke has a purchase option, has long since recommended for a fixed commitment. The figures of the 25-year-old clearly demonstrate that the Dutcher is driving force in the upswing of the Schalke, who won four of their past five games. With 259 sprints he lies lignion rank five of this category, and he has beaten most of the flanks (52) and also brought to the man (16).

Two German ex-soldiers arrested for terror-damaged .
The federal prosecutor has set up two former Bundeswehr soldiers because of suspicion that they wanted to establish a terrorist association. The men seemed to be active in Yemen. © Picture-Alliance / DPA / Bundeswehr / f. Nails A squad of the Command Special Forces (KSK) of the Bundeswehr at a march in a desert (archive) The two suspects have been planned since the beginning of the year to form a 100 to 150 man strong mercenary troupe under their command, shared the authority in Karlsruhe.

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