US News: Covid-19: a pin parliamentary report the "big mistakes" of the British government

Default of payment, reforms: biden passes the upper speed

 Default of payment, reforms: biden passes the upper speed u n Time accused of being too passive, joe biden passes the upper speed to snatch a vote from the congress on its major reforms and, more pressingly, To avoid a failure to pay the first global economic power. Has he heard these democratic parliamentarians who found him too long? After moving to the Capitol, Congress Headquarters, Friday, the Chairman planned a debt speech on Monday.

Le Premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson, le 2 décembre 2020, à la Chambre des communes. © Jessica Taylor, AFP British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on 2 December 2020 in the House of Commons.

The slowness with which the UK has declared a first containment response to the spread of the coronavirus last year was a huge mistake stemming from the lack of questioning of collective thought, concluded British MPs in report released Tuesday.

A damning parliamentary report, published Tuesday, October 12, says that the UK government has committed "gross errors" and slow to act early in the pandemic Covid - 19, saying it is the " one of the largest public health failures " UK.

"Decisions on containment and social distancing taken during the first weeks of the pandemic - and the advice that led to it - is one of the biggest failures in public health that the UK has ever seen ", said the MPs.

Faced with the Republican blockage, the Democrats seek how to avoid the fault of the United States

 Faced with the Republican blockage, the Democrats seek how to avoid the fault of the United States © AFP / Archives l pressure was accented Wednesday on the American Congress, where the Republicans promised to block a vote to suspend the ceiling of The debt of the United States , despite the threat of a unpublished and potentially catastrophic default. Faced with the parliamentary stalemate, President Joe Biden finally entered the melee this week.

The UK is one of the most affected country in Europe coronavirus with nearly 138,000 deaths.

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The study, conducted by two parliamentary committees after months of auditions, says the Conservative government Boris Johnson, on the advice of scientists, adopted a "gradual and progressive approach" rather than quickly establish containment.

Until March 23, the ministers "only (attempt to) moderate the rate of infection" in the population rather than completely stop its spread, hoping that develops herd immunity.

"If there are lessons to be learned, the government is prepared to do"

On Sky News, the Minister Steve Barclay said the government had "followed the scientific advice" and had "made decisions to act quickly "quoting the vaccination campaign briskly.

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Regarding the decision to establish a containment, "at the time, it was feared that if we confinions too soon (the population) do not accept to remain confined for a long time", which was ultimately not so, he acknowledged.

The Minister refused to apologize but assured that "if there are lessons to be learned, the government is prepared to do."

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The report released Tuesday notes that scientists advising the government were "unanimous" March 13 "on the fact that measures to completely suppress the propagation of Covid-19 cause a second peak. "

is "surprising" that they took so long to understand that full containment was necessary, say the parliamentarians, even that they had overwhelming evidence, as a model of Imperial College London who claimed an epidemic not stemmed could cause 500,000 deaths, showing that containment was "inevitable".

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 Government crisis in Austria: Greens want because of the recent corruption projects against the Austrian Chancellor, the Greens are increasingly at a distance. Now the coalition is on the cant. Green and opposition losing options. © Herbert Neubauer / Picture Alliance / DPA / APA Austria's Federal Chancellor Sebastian short (ÖVP) speaks on the way to a conversation with Federal President Alexander van der Bennen with journalists.

Successful vaccination campaign

Parliamentarians also criticized the decision not to test the hospital leaving elderly before they return to their retirement home, which helped to spread the epidemic. They said that some measures (curfew to 22 hours for pubs, ban sports for outdoor children) were not scientifically based.

While pointing failures and delays, the report highlights the success of the vaccination campaign that started in December 2020. More than 78% of over 12 years are now fully immunized against the Covid-19.

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"The response of the United Kingdom combined big mistakes and great successes" as the vaccination program, has said in a statement common conservative MPs Greg Clark and Jeremy Hunt, chairmen of the two committees in charge of the report, calling to "learn".

For Jonathan Ashworth, responsible for health issues within the Labor, the main opposition party, the findings of this report is "damning" and shows that "egregious errors" were committed.

A public inquiry into the management of the pandemic by the government is expected in 2022. With


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