US News: Tesla: new record in China!

400s from China in the Pan America-Look - Lifan KPT 400

 400s from China in the Pan America-Look - Lifan KPT 400 in China Lifan presented a small Crossover bike in September with the KPT 400 that serves designingly unmistakably on the Harley-Davidson Pan America. © Liftan "New Wave" calls Lifan the new design language, which is also to be valid for other new models. And that can take note of the American manufacturer Harley-Davidson with a hazardous nose or, at least according to Chinese standards - considered compliment. In China, such a copy means that one finds the original extremely successful.

Tesla China sold 56,006 vehicles in September against 44,264 in August, according to the latest figures of the China Passenger because association. This data therefore confirm the rapid expansion of the Eon Musk Group in China. Recall that in the third quarter, the Californian group had managed to challenge the disturbances of "Supply Chain" and to make record deliveries. The shortages of 'chips' striking industry and logistical problems had not slowed down the group, which had delivered 241,300 vehicles in total, worldwide over the quarter. Wall Street anticipated 225,000 to 230,000 deliveries. Deliveries thus flew 73% in annual slip. The CEO of Tesla discussed a wave of unusually high end of trimester deliveries.

Taiwan says you have to stay on alert to China's military activities

 Taiwan says you have to stay on alert to China's military activities Taiwan-China / (Photo, TV): Taiwan says I have to stay on alert against China's military activities Taipei, October 5 (Reuters) - Taiwan Staying on alert to China's outrage military activities that transgress the regional peace, said Tuesday Prime Minister Su Tseng-Chang, after the passage of 56 Chinese aircraft in the defensive airspace of the democratic island, either A record.

Total production over the third quarter climbed 15% sequentially to 237,823 units. In China, the growth of exports to Europe and the introduction of a cheaper model has boosted production. The record deliveries of the quarter were also pulled by a remarkable performance in China, judge specialists.

The specialized Electrek site evokes this day a new record for Tesla China with these 56,006 shipments of September. The group beats the monthly record established ... the previous month. Of these 56,006 vehicles sold by Tesla China, about 4,000 were exported. August sales totaled 44,264 units for Tesla China, including 32,968 in July. Nevertheless, most of these sales in July and August of Tesla China were in fact intended for export to other markets. In total, according to the registers of the China Passenger Car Association, 133,238 vehicles, or 55% of the Group's total deliveries in the third quarter came from China. Better yet, Tesla China's growth last month was conducted in a 17% local automotive market!

  Tesla : nouveau record en Chine ! © Reuters

The 10 largest airlines of the World .
of the World Air Transport Association IATA (International Air Transport Association), umbrella organizations for 290 airlines in 120 countries, once again published new statistics on air traffic this year. Including the ranking of the largest airlines in the world, measured on the passenger volume. Travelbook shows the top ten. © Getty Images Airplane 2020 was a particularly difficult year for the aviation industry due to the Corona Pandemic.

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