US News: Allianz expects more hacker attacks on supply chains

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The Alliance warns of an increasing number of online blackmail attacks on the bolting global supply chains.

Die Allianz warnt vor einer steigenden Zahl von Online-Erpressungsangriffen auf die stockenden globalen Lieferketten. © Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA The Alliance warns of a rising number of online blackmail attacks on the holding global supply chains.

companies that deliver for business and company Essential goods belong to the assessment of the Allianz industrial insurer AGCs to the particularly endangered target.

Another attack destination is therefore IT service providers whose systems are networked with a variety of computers in customer companies. On this way, Cybercriminals could be installed within a short time blackout software within a short time on a variety of computers of different companies, write the AGCS professionals in their "Cyber ​​Report" published on Wednesday. Attacks on supply chains are the "next big trend", said AGCS manager Jens Krickhahn.

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Such ransomware attacks has already been several times over the past few months, the AGCS experts expect or fear further increasing case numbers. Ransomware means that hackers encrypt the calculators of attacked companies and demand high sums for the release of the systems. A conventional method is the sending of mails with encryption software in an attached file to authorities and companies. In May, hackers had lame the systems of the US gasoline supplier Colonial Pipeline, episode was a temporary restriction of gasoline supply at the US east coast.

Both the damage and the required sums are getting higher. Five years ago, "5000, 6000, 7000 euros" were still required for online blackmail cases, Crickhahn reported. In 2020, there were already claims of $ 30 million. "Nowadays we already see demands at a height of $ 50 million."

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promotes the criminal boom according to AGCs through the fact that hacker groups are now as a service provider. "You can actually hug the average IT qualifying person and rent Ransomware attacks," Krickhahn said. "You get a hotline function sometimes delivered.»

Not only the most pressed sums are higher, but also the effort to restore blocked systems are becoming more expensive and lengthy, it says in the Cyber ​​Report. AGCS evokes analyzes, which, according to the average total cost of restoration and downtime of a blocked system last year, more than doubled to 1.85 million US dollars last year compared to 2020.

, according to the assessment of the AGCS professionals, many cyber attacks could be limited or the damage. "Behind eighty percent of damages are simple mistakes» said AGCS manager Michael Daum - as an example, he called servers with outdated operating systems and appropriate security gaps. Companies should not only focus on prevention, but also needed "digital alarm systems" to recognize and stop a once launched hacker attack in good time.

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