US News: Vladimir Putin proposes to increase Russian gas exports to Europe

US senators want to expel up to 300 Russian diplomats

 US senators want to expel up to 300 Russian diplomats © Alexander Marchi / Maxpp / Photopqr / East Republican / Maxppp Russia - United States - Moscow The Administration Biden is under pressure at the United States to act firmly against the Russia of Vladimir Putin . In keeping with its campaign promises, the tenant of the White House is pushed by the two camps of the American politics to tap on the table.

Le président russe Vladimir Poutine lors de la Semaine de l'énergie russe à Moscou le 13 octobre 2021. © - Mikhail Metzel Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Russian Energy Week in Moscow on October 13, 2021.

in Russia, Vladimir Putin reacted this Wednesday 13 October on the rise in gas prices in Europe by proposing an increase in Russian gas exports. These statements arrive after several days of criticism from Moscow on the energy policy of the European Union.

with our correspondent in Moscow, Paul Gogo

It was already doing several days that Vladimir Putin multiplied the statements, to comment on the rise in gas prices in Europe. The Russian President finally declared Wednesday afternoon that he would agree to increase his gas exports to the west. Russia provides more than one-third of the gas requirements of European states.

gas price crisis: purchases common at European level, a "realistic" solution, "if the political will is there," says an expert

 gas price crisis: purchases common at European level, a against the outbreak of the prices of natural gas, "Europe must be Unie ", assures Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, director of the Jacques Delors Institute. © Provided by FranceInfo "In the medium term, Europe must be united" Faced with the gas price crisis, estimated Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Director of the Energy Center at the Jacques Delors Institute, Thursday, October 7th on FRANCINFO.

For several days, the Russian Gazprom giant draws in its resources to stabilize the market. But the head of the Kremlin would like the Europeans first and foremost that the Europeans retain a lesson. He hammers, the European Union is, according to him, the only person responsible for this crisis. It would not have been able to protect yourself from price increases by keeping long-term contracts with Moscow. The Europeans would have committed "the error" to "rest on the invisible hand of the market", according to his words.

The reason is obviously geopolitical, the issue of the energy dependence of the European Union vis-à-vis Russia reappears with each friction between the union and the Kremlin

Moscow, which is defined as a stable partner and sweeps any Responsibility in flight of courses, therefore intends to impose its conditions. According to the Minister of Energy Nikolai Choulguinov, a boost of Russia must necessarily go through new contractual conditions.

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The Russian Gazprom could cut the gas to Moldova if a contract is not signed .
Moldova declared the state of emergency to try to find cheaper gas suppliers © Andrey Golovanov AFP Giant Facilities Russian Petroleum Gazprom, Cape Kamenny in Northern Russia, February 18, 2015 Energy - Moldova declared the state of emergency to try to find gas suppliers cheaper The Russian Gazprom giant could interrupt its deliveries From gas to Moldova if this country does not pay its previous deliveries or does not sign a contract from December, said one of its representatives, cited by the

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