US News: BREXIT: British requirements Unacceptable

Boris Johnson only wants green electricity in the United Kingdom

 Boris Johnson only wants green electricity in the United Kingdom Manchester. United Kingdom is designed to fully set electricity from renewable sources after the will of Prime Minister Boris Johnson from 2035. The conversion should also make the British independent of foreign electricity, so Johnson. © Oli Scarff The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (archive photo). "We can reach a completely clean energy production by 2035," said Johnson on Monday at the Congress of the Tories in Manchester to Journalists.

Faced with the London Owner concerning the questioning of the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU must remain firm, both To safeguard peace in Ireland as to defend the single market.

Editorial. We believed the nightmare of Brexit finished. It is not so. Just two years after his signature, on October 17, 2019, the agreement on the divorce painfully concluded between the United Kingdom and the European Union is questioned by its main promoter, Boris Johnson. The litigation raised by London concerns the implementation of the "North Irish Protocol", a component of the Agreement which provides for the establishment of customs controls for the goods landing in Northern Ireland from Great Britain to protect The European internal market, to which the whole island of Ireland belongs.

US senators want to expel up to 300 Russian diplomats

 US senators want to expel up to 300 Russian diplomats © Alexander Marchi / Maxpp / Photopqr / East Republican / Maxppp Russia - United States - Moscow The Administration Biden is under pressure at the United States to act firmly against the Russia of Vladimir Putin . In keeping with its campaign promises, the tenant of the White House is pushed by the two camps of the American politics to tap on the table.

Establishing such a de facto border in Ireland was the only solution to avoid the recovery of the border between the two Irelands suppressed by the 1998 Peace Agreement. The controls at the entrance of Northern Ireland, Province of the United Kingdom, also resulted from a net choice of Johnson: the release of the United Kingdom of the European Customs Union. Its predecessor, Theresa May, had made the opposite choice, precisely to avoid a border at sea from Ireland, option, claimed that "no British prime minister will never accept [IT].

Video: United Kingdom: Petrol Shortages worry the British (AFP)

But London makes the outbidding by claiming the end of the competence of the European Union Court of Justice (CJEU) to arbitrate trade disputes concerning Northern Ireland. An unacceptable requirement for the twenty-seven, which argue that the single European market is viable only if those who benefit - including the Irish province of the United Kingdom - are subject to the same rules, and therefore to arbitration of the court of Luxembourg.

Chad: The tea towels always burns between ExxonMobil and its local staff

 Chad: The tea towels always burns between ExxonMobil and its local staff © AFP / file the current does not spend any more than the ExxonMobil company and its staff in Chad. (Image of illustration). In Chad, the tension has been living since June between ExxonMobil, which has been operating since 2003 the Oil Basin of Doba and its local staff, since the US major has announced that it intends to leave Chad by selling its assets to the young company British Savanna ENERGY. Since then, both parties have not managed to agree on their separation conditions.

Preserving a non-faultless unit

Never the tension between the European Union and the United Kingdom has reached such a level since Brexit: London threatens to use Article 16 of the Agreement, which allows for Unilaterally suspend the application in case of "serious economic difficulties". A hypothesis that could lead the twenty-seven to take sanctions such as the taxation of customs duties on British products.

Everything goes as if Boris Johnson needed to maintain a permanent conflict with the EU to flatter his electorate and to forget the harmful consequences of Brexit on the economy. The declarations of his former Dominic Cummings Advisor, whom he had, since the beginning, the intention of violating the agreement on the Brexit he had accepted solely to win the 2019 elections, probably contain a share of truth: the Good faith from the British Prime Minister is doubtful.

The European Union must take into account this regrettable data and remain firm, both to safeguard peace in Ireland and to defend the single market. Faced with the British requirements, the twenty-seven must show the same virtues as those they have manifested during the endless negotiation of Brexit: a flawless unit and the compromise ability that preserve good neighborhood relations with the Kingdom -United.

British deputy killed: the suspect charged for murder and preparation of terrorist acts .
© AFP P Rès a week after the death of the British MP David Amess, stabbed during a parliamentary permanence, the suspect was charged Thursday for murder and preparation of terrorist acts, the floor evoking "motivations both religious and ideological". Ali Harbi Ali, a British of Somali of 25 years, had to be presented from Thursday to a judge at the Westminster Magistrates' Court of London.

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