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US News: Taiwan: anguish and anger after the death of 46 people in a fire building

Taiwan does not count on the military activities of China

 Taiwan does not count on the military activities of China © Taiwanese Defense Ministry in four days, from Friday to Monday, some 148 aircraft of the Chinese army have crossed the Taiwanese airspace, in the South From the island, Taipei said. Two days after the passage of Chinese aviation in the Taiwanese sky, senior executive officials in Taipei, whose president and the Prime Minister, are the demonstrations of Beijing's force, repeating that the country must remain in alert state. Taiwan does not count under Chinese pressures .

Des pompiers luttent contre un incendie dans un immeuble de Kaohsiung, le 14 octobre 2021 dans le sud de Taïwan © Handout Firefighters fight against a fire in a building of Kaohsiung, October 14, 2021 in the south of Taiwan

Flames left room for The anger and anguish Friday in Taiwan, in the aftermath of the death of 46 people in the fire of a dilapidated building from the south of the island, one of the most murderers in a residential building in 20 years in the world.

Carte de localisation de Kaohsiung à Taïwan © Jonathan Walter Kaohsiung Location Map in Taiwan

The fire was at dawn on Thursday morning in a 13-storey building for the city of Kaohsiung, ravaging several floors before firefighters reach to master him, four hours later.

According to the authorities, 41 people were hospitalized.

A delegation from French senators arrived in Taiwan despite the Chinese protests

 A delegation from French senators arrived in Taiwan despite the Chinese protests © CNA Pool The Deputy Minister Taiwanese Foreign Affairs Harry Tseng (right) welcomes the delegation of French Senators Driven by Alain Richard, October 6, 2021 Taipei Airport One delegation from four French senators led by a former Minister of Defense arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday, despite the strong protests of the Chinese Embassy in France. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected China's protests, saying that senators were free from their travels.

The residential building was in poor condition and most victims were low-income seniors, some of whom were disabled or with dementia.

- "working class" -

Lee Mao-Shen, who has lived for 40 years in the building opposite, looks at the pigeons to land on the balustrades of what remains of the apartment where his friend is dead the night before.

His neighbor Cheng Yong-Kang, who is part of those who have never come out of the building, raised pigeons from his seventh floor balcony, tells the sexagenarian.

Taïwan: des équipes de sécurisation sur les lieux de l'incendie © Sean Chang Taiwan: Securing teams on the places of fire

"We met every day to discuss, we discussed the evening of his death," he said to AFP.

The sexagenarian describes its neighborhood as "mainly composed of people of the working class and the elderly".

Taiwan is a "country", insists Alain Richard despite the Chinese anger

 Taiwan is a Taiwan-France: Taiwan is a "country", insists Alain Richard despite the Chinese Anger © Reuters / Pool Taiwan is a "country", insists Alain Richard despite the Chinese anger (.) Taipei (Reuters) - Senator Alain Richard, at the head of a French delegation in Taiwan whose Irritis visit Beijing, once again qualified on the island of "Country" at risk to avoid the IRE from the Chinese authorities who claim the sovereignty of the territory.

The complex today that his friend is dead was once a dynamic place, but, like the rest of the neighborhood, he had difficult times.

"There was a shopping center and a cinema inside," he remembers. But the commercial floors were empty and abandoned for several years.

Firefighters explain in particular the violence of the fire by the fact that the five lower commercial floors were filled with debris and abandoned objects that generated the enormous amounts of smoke which then engulfed the residential apartments located above.

- Exposed wiring -

Incendie dans un immeuble de la ville de Kaohsiung au sud de Taïwan, le 14 octobre 2021 © Johnson Liu fire in a building in the city of Kaohsiung south of Taiwan, October 14, 2021

Lin Chieh-Ying, retired ballet teacher who also lives opposite, said the Building was dilapidated since a previous fire twenty years ago, in one of the department stores today closed.

The fire had made no victim, but much of the building fell into ruin.

Forty years after the Badinter law, which countries still do the death penalty?

 Forty years after the Badinter law, which countries still do the death penalty? In October 1981, France joined the thirty countries that abolished the death penalty. They are today 109 to have completely striking it from their legislation. The law abolishing the death penalty, raised by Robert Badinter, then custody of the seals of François Mitterrand, was promulgated just forty years ago, on October 9, 1981. This historic moment in France corresponded to a global dynamic, which was subsequently amplified.

"Now there are always people who drink at night and make the fuss," she says. "They should have demolished this building 20 years ago."

Residents reported having heard several strong detonations at the moment when the fire expanded, around 3 o'clock in the morning on Thursday, on the ground floor.

The local media has published recent images from the interior of the building, where you can see exposed wiring, rusty water ducts and stairwells obstructed by detritus.

cited in Taipei Times, Kaohsiung Su Chih-Hsun Public Works Office General said that multiple fire safety issues had been identified at inspections in 2019, 2020 and earlier this year. But efforts to solve these problems have been hampered by a dysfunctional buildings management committee.

Des familles prient pour les victimes d'un incendie dans un immeuble de Kaohsiung, le 15 octobre 2021 dans le sud de Taïwan © Johnson Liu Families pray for the victims of a fire in a building in Kaohsiung, October 15, 2021 in the south of Taiwan

frequently struck by earthquakes and typhoons, the island of Taiwan has rules Strict construction, but safety standards are not often well applied, especially in old buildings.

The Mayor of Kaohsiung said a working group would be put in place to study the management by the city of this building and other aging structures.

Taiwan is one of the "Asian tigers" whose economy has jumped forward in the last century thanks to rapid industrialization. But inequalities are well anchored and many seniors, in particular, have been left behind.


of the toxic gas generated in the fire of a container holder off Canada .
© Canadian Coast Guard / AFP The Canadian Coast Guards have evacuated 16 people from a flame container holder, disengaging since Saturday of toxic gas off the country's Pacific coast, but without the situation with risks to land, affirmed the authorities Sunday.

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