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US News: Covid-19: The largely underestimated infections in Africa, Russia facing record deaths!

COVID-19: In Russia, the number of deaths flame despite underestimated figures

 COVID-19: In Russia, the number of deaths flame despite underestimated figures © Alexander Nemenov, AFP a lot of Russians ignore what happens in their hospitals. with a weakly vaccinated population, the country sees flaming the number of deaths. Despite underestimated official figures. Officially, 924 Russians died from the Covid-19 in the day of Wednesday. Never-seen in the country, who deplores more than 213,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. A European record. But a record below reality.

Covid-19 : les infections largement sous-estimées en Afrique, la Russie face à des décès records ! © Nataliya Vaitkevich / Pexels Covid-19: Infections largely underestimated in Africa, Russia facing record deaths! new measures, new balance sheets and highlights: one point on the latest developments in the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world.

This is another disease that requires great vigilance: the disruption of health services because of the pandemic has destroyed years of tuberculosis that deaths have been back on the rise for the first time for more than ten years. , alerted WHO. The World Health Organization estimates that about 4.1 million people suffer from tuberculosis but have not been diagnosed or have not been officially declared, a significant amount of up from 2.9 million 2019. . Also, the actual number of contaminations at COVID-19 in Africa is seven times higher than in official figures, which do not take into account unspecified asymptomatic subjects for lack of tests, said Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO), in a statement.

for Macron, France must "assume its share of Africanity"

 for Macron, France must © Copyright 2021, Obs "We have a debt towards Africa, [...] a continent that fascinates the whole world, which sometimes in scare others "" We can not have a future project for France if it does not assume its share of Africanity, "launched this Friday, October 8, President Emmanuel Macron at the Africa Summit France, stressing that "nearly seven million French people are intimately, familially related to Africa." "We have a debt towards Africa", "a continent that fascinates the whole world, wh

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"provides for October 10, 2021, the cumulative number of cases of CVIV-19 infection was estimated at 59 million in Africa, a figure Seven times higher than the more than eight million cases officially notified "on the continent. US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the United States would send 17 million doses of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine to the African Union, in addition to the 50 million doses already sent to the Organization. Washington has promised to donate more than 1.1 billion doses of VVID-19 vaccine in the poorest countries.

On the other hand, Burundi, one of the last countries not to have begun to vaccinate its population against COVID-19, received its first vaccines on Thursday, a gift from China from 500,000 doses of Sinopharm. As for Russia, the country recorded on Thursday daily records new infections and deaths due to the coronavirus, with the epidemic being booming because of a pushing vaccination campaign and very small sanitation restrictions. According to the government's daily balance sheet, 31,299 contaminated persons have been enumerated in the last 24 hours and 986 people have lost their lives.

South Africa: The first Messenger RNA vaccine in preparation

 South Africa: The first Messenger RNA vaccine in preparation © Towfiqué BARBHUYA / UNSPLASH South Africa: The first Vaccine in RNA messenger on the continent in preparation South Africa, which militates for equitable access Anti-Covid vaccines, has embarked on the design of a first African vaccine at RNA Messenger (mRNA), to terminate the continent's dependence on rich countries. The innovative mRNA technology is to inject in the body of genetic instructions that dictate the patient's cells what to make to combat the disease.

In Latvia, President Egils Levits contracted COVID-19 although it was completely vaccinated in the spring, Thursday announced his leader of cabinet. "The symptoms are minimal and the president feels good, but the procedure requires the president to work at a distance," said Andris Teikmanis, Chief of Cabinet of the Presidential Chancellery.

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Also, the US Navy warned Thursday that the sailors who refuse to submit to vaccination now mandatory in the US military against CVIV-19 would be returned to civilian life, a threat that the Pentagon had until then. avoided brandir.

Only 27,000 people on 11 million inhabitants have been fully immunized against the coronavirus in Haiti, where the low virulence of the epidemic does not attract the inhabitants in immunization centers, so that the authorities intend to return the stocks Unused vaccines to countries where demand is more urgent.

More than 4.87 million dead

The pandemic has made at least 4,870,405 dead in the world since the end of December 2019, according to a balance sheet established by AFP from official sources, Thursday at the midday. The United States is the most endangered country with 721.111 dead, followed by Brazil (602.099), India (451,435), Mexico (283,193) and Russia (220.315). WHO estimates, taking into account the overmortality directly and indirectly linked to CIVID-19, that the pandemic assessment could be two to three times higher.

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Eastern Europe facing a new wave of the .
epidemic © Copyright 2021, Obs after two months of decline, the Pandemic of Covid-19 is more virulent in the world, due to a degradation of the sanitary situation. The pandemic, which has been recoiled since the end of August, has regained ground in particular in Europe in countries where vaccination is less advanced, but also in the United Kingdom which has raised this summer almost all the restrictions.

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