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US News: Economy facilitates by traffic light cancellation at new taxes

Presidential 2022: The Mayor of Nantes sets off Urban France to lead the Hidalgo

 Presidential 2022: The Mayor of Nantes sets off Urban France to lead the Hidalgo campaign The Mayor PS of Nantes announced his withdrawal "from any communication or public expression having any interference with the debates related to the Presidential Election © Philippe Desmazes / AFP Johanna Rolland (at the Center) leads the Anne Hidalgo campaign - the Mayor PS of Nantes announced his withdrawal "of any communication or public expression having any interference with the debates Related to the presidential election " It took a choice.

Berlin (Reuters) - The cancellation of tax increases by the traffic light probes encounters easier in the economy.

ARCHIV: SPD-Spitzenkandidat für das Amt des Bundeskanzlers, Olaf Scholz, und die Co-Vorsitzende der Partei, Saskia Esken, in Berlin, Deutschland, 26. September 2021. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay © Reuters Archives: SPD top candidate for the Office of the Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and the CO Chairman of the Party, Saskia Esken, in Berlin, Germany, 26 September 2021. Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay

"The result paper shows the exploration of the exploits to tackle the will of the three possible traffic light coalitions, key topics: digitization, acceleration of administrative processes and approval procedures or the reduction of tax bureaucracy, "said the President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry (DIHK), Peter Adria, on Friday. "Also, the commitment is important not to increase tax, not to introduce a substance tax and to check the public budget on uneconomicities." However, concrete statements lacked the financing of planned investments.

inflation, energy price increase, lack of resources: After the corona crisis

 inflation, energy price increase, lack of resources: After the corona crisis Germany is corrected down to the economic crisis, its economic forecasts continuously down. Too many problems are currently stuck - and politics also has no ideas. A comment. © Photo: Imago Images / McPhoto The economy is under pressure. actually all had hoped for a champagne cork effect. At some point, the assumption, all corona measures would be withdrawn, the normality would return and run the economy on a blow again as lubricated.

The Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) also praises the cancellation of tax increases. "A globally competitive tax system is important for our location," said BDI President Siegfried Russwurm. "It is good to strengthen economic pulses through superabilitations for investment in climate protection and digitization." However, the BDI misses a clear statement on expanding the loss returns from the period of the Corona Pandemic. The financing of public expenditure is unclear, as the budgetary playrooms in this legislative period are extremely tight.

light and shadow see consumer protectors. The paper contains "good promises to reduce the electricity price, for the acceleration of building renovation as well as the promotion of public transport, fast internet and restart of private retirement provision," said Klaus Müller, board of the consumer center of the Federal Association. "Consumer protection must come more during the coalition negotiations." Climate protection needs social compensation. The revenue from the CO2 pricing should therefore completely flow back to the consumers. "The housing allowance must be increased so that consumers can still pay their bills due to the current energy price development and they do not sit in cold in winter," Müller demanded.

Union falls in survey under 20 percent

 Union falls in survey under 20 percent Dusseldorf. All signs stand on traffic light coalition, and that seems to a new survey in the sense of the majority of electorate. CDU and CSU continue to lose consent - also the opinion of the Chancellor's question is clear. © Kay Nietfeld The Union from above: CDU and CSU continue to sink in the surveys. The Union has lost more in the current polish barometer.

"Decisive is the design"

of the top association of the housing industry (GDW) can recognize the positive in the paper. "The results of the exploratory calls give some hope for facilitating and relieving germination," said President Axel Gedaschko. "But decisive, however, will be the design in the coalition agreement." In order to achieve the climate goals by 2045, to conclude the gap on the housing market with 400,000 new apartments annually, to ensure equivalent living conditions in the city and the country as well as to secure social cohesion, an overall society is necessary. Digital modernization not only of planning and approval procedures, but also for the use of digital technologies in the houses and apartments, the mobility transition and for sustainable smart cities is necessary.

The Mittelstandsverband BVMW calls for investment-friendly framework conditions, especially a reduction in the extreme tax and tax burden in international competition. "Only so you can compensate for the massive burglaries by corona, so the German economic motorcycle motor comes back to tours," said Federal Building Manager Markus Jerger. "The green light of traffic lights must mean free ride for the middle class."

Election-Ticker-HABAG - will not give much change in taxes .
Berlin, 24 Oct (Reuters) - it will follow current developments after the federal election and for coalition formation: 22.20 clock - Green co-boss Robert Dabeck admits, that the traffic lights parties can not decide large changes in the control area. With the FDP, there could be no reforms in asset or inheritance tax, says DAUL in the ARD. This also lacks the scope for relief elevations elsewhere. These could only give it if the economic upswing is back for more tax revenue.

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