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US News: Italy. More than 50,000 people demonstrate in Rome to dissolve the neo-fascist groups

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Les unions syndicales CGIL, CISL et UIL ont tenu une manifestation anti-fascistes à Rome, en Italie, le 16 octobre. © Angelo Carconi / EPA / Maxppp Trade union unions CGIL, ICFTU and UIL have held an anti-fascist event in Rome, Italy, October 16th .

Several Italian unions gathered in the streets of the Capital of the Country October 16 to request the dissolution of groups involved in violent manifestations against the sanitary pass.

The largest Italian unions demonstrated Saturday to Rome to ask the Government to dissolve the neo-fascist groups involved in the violent events of the last weekend against the sanitary pass to fight against the epidemic of Covid -19 .

Last week, the police arrested 12 people, whose executives of the Far Right Group Forza Nuova, after thousands of people got down on Street to oppose the establishment of a sanitary pass Mandatory for all workers.

COP 26: In Brussels, tens of thousands of people demonstrate for the climate

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Some groups have crossed the police dams to reach the Prime Minister's office, while others have made their way to the headquarters of the largest Italian trade union, the CGIL.

between 50 000 and 100,000 participants

The main Italian unions, the CGIL, the ICFTU and the UIL, have all called on the Government to dissolve the neo-fascist and neo-Nazis groups at the gathering whose slogan was "no Fascism and violence, yes at work, security and rights ".

"We ask for concrete acts, not just words. It is time for the state to demonstrate its democratic force by respecting the laws and the constitution ", said Maurizio Landini, the Secretary General of the CGIL.

"A country that loses its memory can have a future" , "he added. According to the organizers, between 50,000 and 60,000 people participated in the event. The head of the ICFTU, Pierpolo Bombadieri, estimated participation in 100,000 people.

The violence of last week have been largely condemned by the political class.

two leaders of Forza Nuova were held in detention on court decision.

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