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US News: VFB Profi Mangala «False positive» tested?

Whiskey or Whiskey: These are the differences

 Whiskey or Whiskey: These are the differences Whiskey or whiskey: What does it have different spelling? © Getty Images In fact, the two terms are not called one and the same spirits, but provide information about the manufacturing method and origin of the respective drink. As Tequila and Mezcal are not the same, then whiskey and whiskey are not (though both belong to the most consumed drinks in the world), because one comes from Scotland and the other can be made in the United States and Ireland.

The VFB Stuttgart may be faster than intended to set the midfielder Orel Mangala-tested midfielder Orel Mangala.

Wurde positiv auf Corona getestet: VfB-Profi Orel Mangala. © Tom Weller / DPA has been positively tested on Corona: VfB Profi Orel Mangala.

shortly after the first PCR test, a second PCR test fell negatively with Belgian, as VfB sports director Sven Mislinat said on Sunday. "It can be quite that Orel was wrong. I think he will make a new PCR Monday morning, then let's see how the result is, "said the 48-year-old.

Sixth Fall In a few days

Mangala had been positive on Friday as a sixth VFB player within a few days and has since been in domestic isolation. Although there are also some unvaccinated professionals at the Swabian football Bundesliga club, Mishintat agrees with the vaccine rate in the team. "I'm satisfied with that," he said. "We are in the age group, I believe, above the national average." Nobody will be forced to vaccinate at the VFB, he stressed.

«At some point then is good too. We have a democratic principle in our society, everyone can decide freely, "said Mislinat. "It's about bringing arguments. And if they are not convincing for them, then you have to accept that. "

stiko boss: "Debate about Kimmich is a boundless mischief» .
The Chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens, holds the public discussion about the vaccination status of football international Joshua Kimmich. "It's the personal decision of Kimmich, and it should stay it! The debate about Kimmich is a boundless mischief, "said Mertens (71) the" picture ". You would never discuss about private medical decisions by Kimmich, "he would not be exposed as football professionals," said the Stiko Chairman.

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