US News: The new face of FC St. Pauli and a bang-hard cabin analysis

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of FC St. Pauli shows in Heidenheim, why the team of coach Timo Schultz is a serious candidate in the rise battle this season.

Rückstand gedreht: Maximilian Dittgen bejubelt das 2:1. © imago images / Jan Huebner Residue Shot: Maximilian Dittgen builds 2: 1.

Hamburger Turn game in Heidenheim

On the Swabian Alb, it was not good for the FC St. Pauli at first not really good. The Frank Schmidt team led earned 1-0 and would have liked to have a further hit. "They pressed up, we did not look good," Schultz knows about the problems before the break.

But it was also a new quality of the top rider of the 2nd league. "We have gone a step in recent months, so that an early goal will not throw us out of the railway and that we will rush in half a half," GUIDO Burgstaller highlights the new self-confidence on the Kiez.

Regensburg is looking forward to Paderborn: «Brutal task»

 Regensburg is looking forward to Paderborn: «Brutal task» The SSV Jahn Regensburg goes the top duel of the 2nd football Bundesliga at SC Paderborn with respect and anticipation. "If you could choose against whom you do not play at the moment, it would be good if you just do not play against Paderborn. But we can not choose that, "said coach Mersad Selimbegovic on Wednesday. "We take it, prepare ourselves and want to measure us with Paderborn." © Armin Weigel / DPA / Archive Trainer Mersad Selimbegovic from Regensburg is in front of the game in the sta

In fact, the hamburgers in the past were too fast from tracking when it did not ran around. Because St. Pauli had recently turned a game on April 27, 2019 (4: 3 against Jahn Regenburg after doubt residue).

Dittgen: "We worn ourselves in the cabin"

The turn was initiated in the cabin. Because the break was obviously very intense among the hamburgers. "We got in the cabin and discussed and discussed what we wanted to change," gives Joker and double orgot Maximilian Dittgen insights. Philipp Ziereis confirms: "We have analyzed the first half in the cabin tough and made us a lot for the second half." Schultz had to calm his guys rather because it was neat to the point.

that there are on the Kiez ten years after the last descent dreams on a Bundesliga return, the coach has nothing to complain about: "I am a friend of euphoria. I do not like to dream anyone if he does not work forgets."

Despite Tua Comeback - Miami Misere continues

 Despite Tua Comeback - Miami Misere continues London - Tua Tagovailoa sat on his white bank at the side line of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London and looked into the emptiness. © Imago Images / Pro Sports Images Tua Its almost help looking for sky vulnerable to speak truly. After three weeks of injury due to a serious rib injury, the quarterback was able to play again in the game of "NFL International Series" in England against Jacksonville Jaguars, but the game took a dramatic course at the end.

top team? "Not yet"

, the coach currently does not have to worry at the moment, because this shows the comeback in Heidenheim and the statements of the players as well. "We have to be careful not to end the flagpole. There are still many things to improve," Warns Dittgen before complacency. "As a top team you can not call us yet," says Burgstaller. But that can still be, if "we further develop, work on us and ask us".

However, St. Pauli has already shown exactly the qualities of a top team in Heidenheim and retracted against all resistors and with a weak first half in the end but the next threesome.

with 22 points After ten games, the Hamburgers also equalized their star record from the 2011/12 season. At that time, however, in the end, it was only enough for four - that should be enough for all warning.

DFB Cup: FCB star probably wanted BMG cabin storm .
After the historic 0: 5-bankruptcy of Bayern against Borussia Mönchengladbach, it would obviously almost have come to an eclat. According to the picture-newspaper Kingsley Coman tried to storm the cabin of the foals. © Provided by Spox After the historic 0: 5-bankruptcy of Bayern against Borussia Mönchengladbach, it would obviously have come almost to a score. Accordingly, the Frenchman left the reclining room of the German record champion around 22.45 to walk quickly towards Gladbach cabin.

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