US News: Jutta Allmendinger and Peter Dabrock Open Letter to the SPD Bundestag fraction: It needs a woman as a Bundestag President!

Sounds to the traffic light alliance: Red-green-yellow expectation manager

 Sounds to the traffic light alliance: Red-green-yellow expectation manager On a failure of the calls of SPD, Greens and FDP, the public would hardly be prepared - that is why the three parties rather betray where there are conflicts. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA The General Secretaries of FDP, SPD and Greens are in agreement on the desire to penetrate out as little as possible about the exploration talks outward.

becomes the previous SPD faction leader Rolf Mützenich new Bundestag President, the entire German state lit is occupied with men. That looks like out of time - and has political explosive power.

  Jutta Allmendinger und Peter Dabrock Offener Brief an die SPD-Bundestagfraktion: Es braucht eine Frau als Bundestagspräsidentin! © Frederic Kern / Imago Images / Future Image

SPD , GREEN and FDP Negotiate a progress coalition. Traditionally, the largest faction is in the Bundestag , the SPD, the Office of the Bundestag President or the Bundestag President.

All signals indicate that the SPD Group Chairman Rolf Mützich will be nominated in Bälde for this office.

We share the highly estimate for Rolf Mützenich.

, however, would be his appeal for the credibility of the party, which has become "respect" and "participation" with the keywords "Respect" and "Participation" optional veneer, no signal from departure and progress.

traffic light parties want to complete the exploration on Friday

 traffic light parties want to complete the exploration on Friday Berlin. In the talks to the formation of a possible new federal government, according to the words of FDP Secretary-General Volker Wissing the "hour of truth" is imminent. SPD, GREEN and FDP want a basis for a decision on possible coalition negotiations by the end of the week. © Kay Nietfeld Volker Wissing (L-R), FDP Secretary General, Lars Klingbeil, SPD Secretary-General, and Michael Kellner, Federal Designer of Alliance 90 / The Greens, give a press conference after the exploration calls.

You have to keep yourself in mind: would be the traffic light coalition, with Federal President, Bundestag President, Federal Chancellor, Federal Council President and President of the Federal Constitutional Court all five offices at the state leadership of men occupied.

In 2021, such a decision looks like dead. Even less understanding will not only have voters, but also progressive voters, when at the end of the heavy corona crisis, women again have to look.

and again, at that time, we pointed out that the progress made in recent decades in equality between men and women in professional and family work have taken significant damage.

of politics, in particular the parties, which are for equality and participation, therefore, is a role model function. Especially the SPD, which is historical and programmatically for progress and respect, must have a sensory in the occupation of the five peak offices in the state for it.

We appeal to you as members of the SPD parliamentary group, to become aware of social importance, yes explosive power of the upcoming decision for the nomination of the Office of the Bundestag President.

How to represent a social democratic point of advancement and a respect for your own voters, if the participation of women is disregarded in the first decision?

This is all the more applicable as it is highly qualified in the SPD faction and experienced women in parliamentary work, which fits this office well and would exercise it well.

Olaf Scholz promises even more state aid for coal exit .
Hannover / Berlin. The possible new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) promises to the Federal Congress of IG BCE in Hannover pace of industrial upgrading towards climate neutrality. In return for an accelerated coal exit he wants to create an additional social protection of the workers involved. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (left) and IG BCE Chairman Michael Vassiliadis.

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