US News: This documentary leaves US virusologist Dr. Anthony Fauci in a new light standing

FDP and SPD reaffirm "red lines"

 FDP and SPD reaffirm Berlin. SPD, Greens and FDP continue to speak on Monday about the formation of a traffic light coalition. The FDP emphasizes that there will be no tax increases and no softening of the debt brake with them with a possible alliance. SPD politician Machning calls in his party to unity. © Kay Nietfeld Annalena Baerbock (M), Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens, Olaf Scholz (R, SPD), SPD Chancellor Candidate and Christian Lindner, party chairman of the FDP (archive photo).

Dr. Anthony Fauci erlangte als Virologe während der Corona-Pandemie unfreiwilligen Weltruhm. © National Geographic for Disney + Anthony Fauci became a virologist during the Corona Pandemic Involuntary World Ruhm.

He is the leading expert for infectious diseases in the US adviser of the White House in questions about the Corona Pandemic. Now Dr. Anthony Fauci even dedicated to a separate documentary, which can be seen from October 20 at Disney +.

in Germany are virologists like Christian Drosten or Hendrik Streeck have become indispensable from public since the beginning of the pandemic. The Americans also focus on their experts - especially on Dr. med. Anthony Fauci. The director of the "National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases" has been highly viewed in the American population - too, because he did not get back from politicians such as the ex-President Donald Trump critically to illuminate. Now a separate documentary is dedicated to the immunologists.

At your side (TF1): How faithful telefilm is Jarry's life?

 At your side (TF1): How faithful telefilm is Jarry's life? © Francois Roelants / Beaubourg and YOUPI & CO / TF1 At your side (TF1): how faithful Telefilm is Jarry's life? To write and play at your side, broadcast on Monday, October 11 on TF1, Jarry was inspired by his life. But how does this fiction reflect his personal experience? in at your side , broadcast this Monday October 11 at 21:05 on TF1, Anthony Lambert alias jarry moves away from her image of colorful animator for we deliver with a lot of modest a story inspired of her own family path.

"Fauci", as is the title of the factory produced by National Geographic Documentary Film, is from Wednesday, October 20, to see Disney +. Directed by the documentary filmmakers John Hoffmann ("The Antidote") and Janet Tobias ("viruses - the invisible enemies"). In addition to former patients, family members and friends FAUCIS come in the documentary also ex-President George W. Bush, Bill Gates and U2 singer and activist Bono to speak.

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