US News: Afghanistan looks into the economic abyss

Afghanistan: Safe Threat on Kabul

 Afghanistan: Safe Threat on Kabul Hotels © Wakil Kohsar A Taliban Armed Monte The Guard in Kabul Street, October 6, 2021 in Afghanistan The Spectrum of the Threat of Attacks Until in the Afghan Capital Resurgi Monday with an alert for Kabul hotels, in the aftermath of a first meeting in Doha since mid-August between American and Taliban representatives, including safe issues.

Afghanistan's economy shrinks by up to 30 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). That's all the more dramatic, because the country is already working at an extremely low level.

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Since the non-humanitarian aid has been stopped and foreign assets have been largely frozen in August in August in August, On aid compliant Afghan economy confronted with a heavy budgetary and balance of payments crisis. "The resulting decline in living standards threatens to drive millions of people into poverty and could lead to a humanitarian crisis," said the IMF. This is likely to further raise the refugee crisis after the power of the radical-Islamic Taliban, which will affect the neighboring countries, Turkey and Europe, explained the IMF on Tuesday in an updated economic outlook for the region, but without estimates about concrete numbers admit.

Afghanistan. 35 young footballers and their families will be welcomed in the United Kingdom

 Afghanistan. 35 young footballers and their families will be welcomed in the United Kingdom © AFP Afghan footballers refugees in Portugal. The British Government announced that it will soon host 35 young footballers from the National Junior Afghan team, who had fled the Taliban with their family in Pakistan, where their visa would expire. The British Government announced Monday that it will soon welcome 35 young footballers from the national Junior Afghan team threatened in their country by the return to power of the Taliban, as well as their families.

The whole region is endangered

of the IMF presented a model calculation on the consequences for bustling countries, one million other Afghans should flee from their homeland and settle in other countries after a similar distribution as last. This would be in Tajikistan at annual cost of recording the refugees of $ 100 million (1.3 percent of gross domestic product) in Iran to about $ 300 million (0.03 percent of GDP) and in Pakistan on more than 500 million Dollars (0.2 percent of GDP).

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These figures underlined the need to support the international community, so the IMF. Exports to Afghanistan are macroeconomic and social importance for Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Should the number of refugees increase, the fund, that could "burden the public resources in the recording countries, increase pressure on the labor market and lead to social tensions."

Drug Trading Threatens Trade Trails

Not only for economic reasons, trade with and from Afghanistan is under pressure: For example, in the past week India's largest port operator Adani ports announced, from mid-November no more goods from Afghanistan. This "warning", which also concerns Iran and Pakistan, applies to all portfolio operated by Adani.

The Heroin worth estimated 2.3 billion euros was discovered in September in two containers in the port of Mundra in Gujarat. The Heroinfund was one of the largest in the history of the country. According to authorities, the containers from Afghanistan came. The country is the main producer of opium and heroin.


China asks the World Bank and the IMF to help Afghanistan .
Afghanistan-Conflict-China: China asks the World Bank and the IMF to help Afghanistan © Reuters / Louiza Vradi China Ask the World Bank and the IMF to help Afghanistan Beijing (Reuters) - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on Wednesday World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to resume the payment of support Financial in Afghanistan so that the country can start reconstruction.

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