US News: suspicion of education right-wing extremist union

for Höcke and Co. An occasion to celebrate: Meuten has recognized that he can not win his fight

 for Höcke and Co. An occasion to celebrate: Meuten has recognized that he can not win his fight AFD boss Meuten throws out. For years he fights against the extremely rights in the party. But you should be careful to transform it. A comment. © Photo: Imago Images / IPON Jörg Meuten packed with the flow around Björn Höcke even. That this withdrawal is a surprise, you really can not say. For years, AFD boss Jörg has been supplying Jörg Meuten grave busts with the extremely right in his party.

Berlin. Under the name "Berserker Clan", at least 15 people have prepared for the armed uprising at the "Day X". On Wednesday, investigators confiscated weapons, ammunition and narcotics in several federal states.

 In Polizei-Westen gekleidete Polizisten stehen in der Stadt. (Symbolfoto) © Silas Stein Clocked policemen dressed in police vests stand in the city. (Symbol photo)

The Attorney Office and the Landescriminal Office in Berlin detect against 15 people due to suspicion of education of a right-wing extremist association. On Wednesday, there were searches in Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, as the authorities announced. At 14 places were confiscated firearms, shot weapons, ammunition, battlements, volumes, volumes, devotionals of the association as well as stunning and doping agents, it was said. Overall, about 130 police officers and a prosecutor had been involved in the action.

BREXIT: British requirements Unacceptable

 BREXIT: British requirements Unacceptable Your Browser Does Not Support This Video Faced with the London Owner concerning the questioning of the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU must remain firm, both To safeguard peace in Ireland as to defend the single market. Editorial. We believed the nightmare of Brexit finished. It is not so.

The 15 accused is accused of the Radels leadership or membership in a criminal association, it was said from the authorities. The main accused live in Berlin. Under his leadership, the suspects should have joined together in a right-wing extremist association named "Berserker Clan".

According to the authorities, in the communication between the suspects, in particular, the preparation for a "day X" always played a role. So that an armed uprising should be meant against the existing structures in Germany. Also, partly of firearms was the speech.

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