US News: Walter senses the pressure: "Draws are felt defeats"

The leader travels to

 The leader travels to 3. League: SV Meppen - 1. FC Magdeburg (Saturday, 14:00 clock) © Provided by The leader travels at before a true Hercules task is Meppen next Saturday. Finally, with Magdeburg the Primus of the 3rd league guests. The SV Meppen won the last match against the MSV Duisburg with 1: 0 and is 15 points above in the table. The 1st FC Magdeburg line on Monday three counters against Turkkücücü München (4: 0). So far, Meppen drove four victories, three draws and four defeats.

The duel at the SC Paderborn on Friday night is again trendy for the Hamburg SV. Even if the development lasted, coach Tim Walter is convinced of the quality in the squad.

Kann mit den Ergebnissen nicht zufrieden sein: HSV-Coach Tim Walter. © Imago Images / MIS can not be satisfied with the results: HSV coach Tim Walter.

The public perception is not the cardinal problem

at HSV that the pressure increases in Hamburg, Tim Walter has very accurately registered in the past days. "For Hamburg," says the coach, "are obviously already felt defeats." A sentence that sounds from his perspective as if the public claims would not correspond to the possibilities of HSV. For truth determination, however, the other perspective serves - and from this, the HSV has not only felt, but factually disappointed twice aar. The cardinal problem is not public perception, it lies in the square.

explosion at the port of Beirut: a key activist of the investigation is obvious, possibly intimidated

 explosion at the port of Beirut: a key activist of the investigation is obvious, possibly intimidated © Mehdi CHEBIL, France 24 Archive photo showing Ibrahim Hoteit (center), spokesman of the relatives of the victims of the Explosion of the Port of Beyrtouh, speaking at the media on October 4, 2020. Ibrahim Hoteit, spokesperson of a collective of the relatives of the murdling explosion at the port of Beirut, announced on Saturday his withdrawal of the group after having Distributed a video calling to challenge the judge who investigates this drama. Some observers evoke a possible intimidation.

The load-bearing point division at the bottom aue was flattering and threw question marks, which after the country break in the renewed 1: 1 against Dusseldorf did not radiate, but rather greater, since despite the majority not only the victory, but also the control was made . Walter assures: "We are not satisfied with the results."

"" I am convinced of the quality, only we have young players who need to develop their qualities only. "" (Tim Walter)

In the next breath, the 45-year-old then always points to the goal of development. But where does the HSV develop? And whoever develops on? The offensive forces Manuel Wintzheimer and Bakery Jatta have been developing for weeks towards dead end; From the newlings, the loans Mikkel Kaufmann, Tommy Doyle, Miro Muheim and Mario Vuskovic play no role and other, as Ludovit rice only a supporting role. The throws two questions: Sets and appreciates the coach wrong? Or did Jonas Boldt, as a sports board in the overall responsibility, not sufficiently committed to quality? Walter explains: "I am convinced of the quality, only we have young players who need to develop their qualities."

makes Darmstadt his homework?

 makes Darmstadt his homework? 2. League: Holstein Kiel - SV Darmstadt 98 (Saturday, 13:30 clock) © Provided by makes Darmstadt his homework? Darmstadt wants to score with the tailwind of two wins in a row at Kiel. With a 1: 1 draw Holstein Kiel had recently satisfied against FC Ingolstadt 04. The SV Darmstadt 98 won the last game sovereign with 3: 0 against the SV Werder Bremen and therefore does not have to hide.

Nutrition for skeptics and critics

In the previous year, the HSV has not reached the goal because the "column model" of the bosses failed. Currently little indicates a progress after the columns were removed and replaced by Youngster. Nevertheless, Walter assures: "Jonas, Michael Mutzel and I just sat together again and agree, we have the feeling that our way is perceived positively." A perception, who liked for the first weeks of the season, in which the will in the contemplation often got more weight than the wildness. In the latest two games but the latter increased overhand - coupled with the worst intermediate result in the 2nd league after ten games supplies the breeding ground for skeptics and critics. Incidentally not only in Hamburg.

small speech can not be the meaning of the game

the journey to Paderborn (Friday, 6.30 pm, live! At Kicker) is therefore becoming a signpost. Again. There are names that the responsible persons in Hamburg are reluctant to hear from this early stage of a season, artificially small speeches, however, can not be the meaning. Because the East Westphalia with three points more than the HSV are exemplary for that too much less. In Hamburg, it ran in the past three years exactly the other way around. And the ongoing season does not deliver excessively indications that it could run differently in this.

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